Parents' Evenings

Fifth Year

From the Head Master: A J Thould MA (Oxon)

Direct line: 023 8070 4561

Fax: 023 8079 9205


January 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,


You are cordially invited to the Fifth Year parents’ evening on Wednesday 24th January between 6.00pm and 9.00pm during which you will have an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with teaching staff. Your son/daughter is welcome to attend and join in the discussions.

This link will take you to the plan of which staff will be in attendance. Your son or daughter will be bringing home a paper copy of this sheet detailing their subject teachers and information regarding the time and place of your meeting with their Group Tutor. It is important that you bring that paper copy with you on the evening to assist in identifying the staff you need to speak with. It would also be helpful if you brought with you the copy of the Sixth Form Guide sent to you last term.

As with all such busy occasions, I would ask you to restrict your discussions with the Group Tutor and subject teachers to a reasonable length. If a longer meeting is desirable this can be arranged at a later date.

At 7.00pm I will make a brief address in the Main Hall followed by Dr Waymark, Deputy Head (Academic) and I will be available, together with Dr Waymark at the front of the Hall throughout the evening to deal with any questions.

The time is approaching when we should decide which courses pupils wish to pursue in the Sixth Form. At the Parents' Evening you will have an opportunity of discussing the prospects and future with the Group Tutor and other members of staff, in the light of results in the mid-year examinations.

For parking, parents should use the Wilton Road entrance. Please use any free space on the drive or alternatively there will be stewards to assist with parking and we would appreciate it if parents would follow their instructions. The gate next to the DT building will be open for exit only: please do not try to enter through this gate.

If you have any special needs, as a result of disability, with which you require assistance on the evening, please let Dr Thomas know by Thursday 18th January so that she can make arrangements to assist you.

Please inform your child’s Tutor if you are unable to attend.

Yours sincerely

Mr A J Thould

Head Master