Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Our excellent physical facilities are matched by a positive atmosphere, in which the focus is on the individual. Each pupil has a personal tutor who guides their development on a day-to-day basis. The tutor is someone to whom a pupil can turn for advice on any aspect of school life. Tutors meet with their tutor group each morning.

Tutors are supported by a Head of Year, who is in turn responsible to the Head of Section; that is, the Head of Lower School, Head of Upper School or Director of Sixth Form. Heads of Year regularly meet with the Head and Assistant Head (Pastoral) to discuss wide ranging issues.

All members of teaching staff have pastoral responsibilities which go beyond teaching and this adds an important dimension to their classroom role. Non-teaching staff are also encouraged to be alert to pupil’s needs and to contact the relevant staff if they have concerns.

The combination of the formal pastoral structure and the equally important informal discussions among staff help to ensure that the progress of each pupil is carefully monitored.

The ethos of the School is such that pupils are expected to have a caring attitude towards each other.