Pastoral Care

Pastoral Structure

The Lower School comprises the First, Second and Third Years; the Upper School encompasses the Fourth and Fifth Years and the Sixth Form embraces the final two years in the School.


Pupils who join the School in the First Year are allocated to a Form, which serves as both their tutor group and their teaching group for this first year. After the First Year, pupils move into a new tutor group and they remain in this tutor group for two years. This means that the tutor groups include pupils from two year groups, which we believe increases the value for everyone and helps to bridge the barriers that might otherwise separate year groups. At the start of the Fourth Year and at the start of the Lower Sixth pupils will again move into a new tutor group. The tutor is responsible for the supervision, guidance and care of the pupils in his/her tutor group, meeting them every morning at 8.40 am. Tutors keep records of attendance and academic progress for each pupil in their group and are also aware of individual circumstances and needs. Concerns about day-to-day administration, work, co-curricular activities or other related matters are addressed to the tutor in the first instance. The choice of tutor for each area of the school is very carefully considered in order to maximise their experience and specialisation to the benefit of the pupils.
Tutors are assisted by group prefects in the Lower School. These are senior pupils who volunteer for the pastoral care involved and have been chosen by the tutor and the Head of the Lower School, in consultation with the Sixth Form pastoral team. The group prefects attend group meetings on a regular basis and are available to offer help and advice to younger pupils.
Tutor groups in all but the First Year and Sixth Form are House based. Allocations of pupils to pastoral groups are made by senior pastoral staff and it is only in exceptional circumstances that requests for particular placements can be considered. Parents must ensure the School is aware of any such considerations as early as possible.

Heads of Year

There are Heads of Year for each of the year groups, one of whom is the Head of Lower School, another is the Head of Upper School. There is also a Director of Sixth Form, who oversees the Sixth Form Heads of Year. There is an assistant Head of Year in the Lower School, who is responsible for the new pupils who join the School in the Third Year, and there is an assistant Head of Year in the Upper School, who assists the Heads of Year in this section of the School. The Heads of Year (and assistants), the Heads of Section (Lower, Upper, Sixth Form), the Assistant Head (Pastoral) and the Senior Deputy Head are all available for consultation when appropriate.
On entry, pupils are placed in the First Form dependent on their Modern Language choice. Thereafter, below the Sixth Form, pupils are assigned to groups based on Houses. On admission to the School pupils are assigned to one of six Houses, Capon, Lake, Lawrence, Reynolds, Sylvester and Watts, all named after eminent Edwardians.
A typical Lower School Group has approximately sixteen pupils comprising of Second Year and Third Year pupils. A similar arrangement exists in the Upper School where each group has a balance of Fourth and Fifth Year pupils. In the Sixth Form each tutorial group has approximately twelve students, with a mixture of Lower and Upper Sixth students. All pupils in the Second to Fifth Years inclusive, as well as being a member of a tutorial group, belong to a form for their academic studies.

Student Guidance and Careers

The Careers programme in the school is intrinsically linked to the pastoral system and is delivered by tutors, year heads, careers specialists and those in charge of organising the academic curriculum. This is highlighted in another section of this web site.

Other members of staff with relevant responsibilities

The School Chaplain is available to talk to individuals or groups about matters of concern and issues of faith. The School Nurses are responsible for first aid and general medical cover for pupils. The School Counsellor, who has had specialist training, offers a confidential service to pupils who wish to consult someone other than their tutor or another member of staff. Pupils may do this directly or after referral by their tutor.