PE and Sports Science

Departmental Information

General Philosophy

As detailed in the Physical Education syllabus there are three short-term aims and two others, which can only be measured over longer periods of time.

The first three are
(1) The acquisition of skills
(2) Exercise
(3) Enjoyment/satisfaction

The longer term goals are
(4) The balanced development of physique
(5) Provision of scope for self-expression and the development of social and sporting attitudes.

The department expects that when a pupil is fit and in general good health that they will participate fully in all activities. In the majority of lessons pupils are expected to be energetic and to take part in vigorous activity. Often much of their energy will be expended in the acquisition of skill and sometimes in match situations.

It is possible that the third short-term aim is the most vital. It is hoped that all pupils will enjoy participating in Physical Education but this will only occur if the pupils are well motivated and are encouraged whenever an opportunity arrives. Irrespective of ability, a pupil who is enjoying taking part in a particular activity will be more attentive, better motivated and generally more positive in every way.

In the longer term the Department hopes to expose each pupil to a wide variety of sports. For the first four years the sports follow a rigid pattern to give good breadth and then in the Fifth and Sixth Form there is a wider variety available. It is hoped that as a result of the experiences at this School a pupil will leave with at least one sport that they wish to continue with during their adult life.

Pupils should be presented with individual challenges during Physical Education but should also experience team situations where they have to work in co-operation with others. They must learn to understand the various codes of conduct associated with each activity and must abide by the rules of each particular sport.

Pupils must be educated in the ethics of 'fair play' and should experience both 'winning' and 'losing'. Sometimes this outcome will need to be created by the teacher.

Pupils must also be presented with the purpose of many athletic activities and should understand the need to be fit and healthy.

There should be an appreciation of health in a general sense. Pupils should be aware of physical well-being (physical fitness, posture, muscle tone), social well-being (participation, friendship, teamwork etc.) and mental well-being (exercise reducing stress and relieving tension).

There should also be some emphasis on the need to prevent injury and to prepare for performance.