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                                                                 Elite Sports Performers Program

Dear Parents,

I am writing to inform you that King Edward VI School is establishing an Elite Sports Performer Programme. The aim of the programme is to support, nurture and enhance our athletes and work in conjunction with external bodies to enable them to excel in their chosen field(s), whilst also fulfilling their academic potential. Your son/daughter has been identified as a high achiever in sport, or has shown the potential to be a high achiever in sport and, as such, I would like to invite him/her to be a member of this programme.

The programme will include the following:

  • Gym inductions
  • Access to the new fitness facility at King Edward VI School
  • Strength and conditioning workshops
  • Seminars led by external speakers from a variety of sports related disciplines
  • Regular meetings / appraisals of current, short and long term targets
  • Training periodisation and its employment

Part of the Elite Sports Performers ethos necessitates the involvement of your child’s external coaches / governing bodies and, more importantly, you; as a multi-disciplinary unit (parents-coaches-KES) we will be in a position to create the most productive environment for your child to develop within their sporting pathway.

With this information in mind, please would you complete the attached document and return it to me. Alternatively, should the information be too difficult to obtain, please pass on my contact details to your child’s coach and ask them to get in touch with me as a matter of high importance in order that we can begin to coordinate their coaching needs.

Should you have any questions about this new programme please do not hesitate to contact me directly either by email or on the contact number below.

Yours sincerely

Lloyd Powell

Fitness and Performance Coordinator    02380704561