PSHE Programme

Although we cover all aspects of Personal, social, health and economic education we continue to refer to this as PSHE. 

(First Years have a timetabled PSHE lesson with their group tutor once per fortnight and additional time is available during group periods on a Wednesday morning.There is also a PSHE day, where topics that require specialist knowledge are covered. The PSHE curriculum is designed to complement the Extended Studies and Junior Science programmes.

In the Lower School (Second and Third Years) the PSHE programme is designed to complement the issues and topics covered by the academic subjects studied by all students. PSHE sessions are delivered by tutors during group period on a Wednesday and each year group has a PSHE day, where specialist areas are covered. There are also year group talks on bullying and then sex and relationships for the Second and Third Years respectively.

As with the younger years, the PSHE provision in the Upper School complements the issues and topics covered by academic studies. A series of year group talks and smaller group sessions are organised to cover a range of issues, presented by both guest speakers and our own staff. The Fourth Year also have a PSHE day.

In the Sixth Form, PSHE is delivered through the Foundation Studies and Open Forum programme. In addition the LVI have a PSHE day where specialist topics are covered. The UVI also have year group talks on travel essentials, employment and sex and risky behaviour.

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Dates for PSHE Days 2018/19

First Year PSHE Day Thursday 23rd May  (letter to parents) (2018-19)

Second Year PSHE Day Tuesday 27th November (letter to parents) (2018-19)

Third Year PSHE Day Wednesday 16th January (letter to parents) (2018-19)

Fourth Year PSHE Day Tuesday 5th February (letter to parents) (2018-19)

LVI PSHE Day Monday 15th October (letter to parents) (2018-19)