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Studying Psychology at University: 

Letter from a former student (Feb 2017)

I just wanted to give you both a special thank you for the excellent teaching you gave us during our A-levels as it encouraged me to pursue Psychology at Sussex University and let you know that because of this I have been really successful with securing the job I wanted for post-university. I have managed to secure two graduate schemes one is for American Express and the other is at PWC. I am going to accept the PWC scheme which is Management Consulting in Bristol, something I've always aspired to do so I'm very excited.

I was able to use a lot of my experience with Psychology during the interview process and despite psychology not being a traditional background for their candidates they liked the diverse opinions I could bring to the table. So I am very happy to have pursued psychology as a degree and never would have done so if it wasn't for my experience you guys provided at KES. I would encourage your current students to pursue psychology as well as it has led me to secure this fantastic job and opened many doors for my future!

Student Ambassadors

Would you like to help:

  • represent Psychology to the school in assemblies 
  • represent Psychology to potential students at Open Evenings
  • share the joy of Psychology by helping to organise Psych Soc?
Just give your name to Mrs Brindley-Ewan if you would like to join the team of Psychology Ambassadors