Psych Soc


17th March - Hannah Day and Alex Wilson (KES students) - How to be a dictator

10th March - Behrang Mansourian (KES student) - The use of alter egos in combat sports

3rd March - Harriet Nicholson (Governor and CEO) - Psychology of online marketing

25th February - Hannah Eddicott, Orla Bark (KES students) - Aggression and video gaming

11th February - Izel Salehi-Majd, Lena Mills, Emma Gueguen (KES students ) - RD Laing and anti-psychiatry

4th February - Maisie Rochdale and Flo Peters (KES students) - Psychology of dogs

28th January - Bors Hulesch, Climate Scientist - Social Change and Climate change (joint with Geog Soc)

14th January - Lower Sixth presentations on their observations of student behaviour in the concourse


10th December - Kai England and Cam Jesney (KES students) - Gifts and giving

26th November - Soraya Hornarmand (KES student) - Consumer behaviour

19th November - Sophie Collingwood (Assistant Psychologist, Southfield Hospital) - Treatment of mental health and personality disorders in the criminal justice system

15th October - Caroline Feltham-King (Educational Psychologist) - Attachment

8th October - Dr Emma Palmer-Cooper (Southampton University) - Schizophrenia and unusual sensory experiences

26th March - Lower Sixth memory experiment and mind map competition

11th March - BRAIN DAY with Dr Guy Sutton - a whole day of brain lectures, dissections, and an after-school talk.

5th March - Student presentation - The Psychology behind hypnosis - Mateus Janaway and Sam Rachman

28th February - Psych Soc goes to Junior Science Club - What helps you cope with pain?

26th February - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Dr Christina Lopes

12th February - Student Presentation - The Psychology of Relationships - Cam Jesney and Kai England


18th December - Student presentations of observation findings - All Lower Sixth

20th November - Student presentation of research project - Evie Wateridge

9th October - Student presentation of research projects - Isi Browning and Alice Booth

25th June - Dr Guy Sutton - as part of Science Festival

1st May - Martin Clayton - Prison Officer

24th April - Upper Sixth revision webinar in Dobson Theatre - Cara Flanagan and Mike Cardwell

27th March - Lower Sixth memory experiment

22nd March - Zofia Rogers presents the Psychology of advertising

6th March - Clinical Psychology at Southfield secure psychiatric hospital

Presentation about Clinical Psychology at Southfield, plus Psychology career routes

20th February - Helen Howes - Lullaby Africa - attachment interventions with mothers and babies in Uganda and Kenya

30th January - George Vincent presents the Psychology of pain

16th January - Lower Sixth mini-presentations of findings from observational studies


12th December - Natalie Oldfield presents two areas of research: Habituation and Willpower

21st March - Calm your mind

Mindfulness exercises to try at home

7th March - Genes, Chromosomes and Behaviour - Dr Diana Baralle

14th February - The Psychology of love - Harry Ruprecht

1st February - Clinical Psychology in a secure psychiatric hospital - visiting speakers

What is Clinical Psychology? BPS website

20th January - What is Educational Psychology? - Kate Brant

What is Educational Psychology? BPS website


13th December - Lower sixth memory experiment

22nd November - Student Presentation - Piaget's theory of Cognitive Development - Maya Smale

9th November - Lullaby Africa, an attachment intervention in Uganda - Isobel Tutt-Leppard

Lullaby Africa website