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The Creative and Critical Review aims to showcase student talent at its most impressive across the whole curriculum. This year's edition again provides a sample of our finest poetry, prose, artwork, photography, musical compositions, mathematical solutions and Extended Projects. Click on the cover of the CCR below to view the pages and on the links below for the full text of the more extended pieces and the sound files or videos for the compositions.

2017 Issue 8

2016 Issue

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2014 Issue


Extended Project: 'What can we learn from the Ebola 2014 outbreak and how can this be used to prevent further events in the future?' by Zoe Carter-Tai

A2 Design and Technology Product Design: 'Lamb Hypothermia Treatment Box' by Harry Rivett

Extended Project: 'How and to what extent does Dickens advocate contemporary reform in Bleak House?' by Curtis Crowley

IT and Computing Code: 'Robotics' by Jack Lippold, Ollie Chapman, Alex Chamberlain-Clay and John Lyons

A2 Music Coursework: 'Malady' by Miriam Chapman-Rosenfeld

Extended Project: 'What is rheumatoid arthritis and are novel immunomodulatory therapies the preferable treatment?' by Tristan Holt

A2 Design and Technology Textiles: 'High Fashion' by Judith Briggs

English poetry: 'The Wind and the Tree' by Akash Mattupalli

Extended Project: 'To what extent are bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) cognitive?' by Catherine Whitby

Extended Project: 'Should developing economies adopt free trade based on the experiences of Latin America from 1990-2004?' by Emma Falconer

IT and Computing Kodu Game: 'The Quest' by Joshua Lam

Extended Project: ‘To what extent are the electoral strategies utilised by Richard Nixon the main factor in Political Polarization in the United States?' by Oran Creedon

English creative response to poem 'La Belle Dame sans Merci': 'A Knight's Tale' by Yuqing Chen

Extended Project: 'Can the existence of blindsight be used as suitable evidence for the belief that unconscious perceptions affect human behaviour?' by Marsha Allan-Burns

Drama and Theatre Studies script: 'The Nightmare' by Maya Smale

A2 Music Composition: 'City by the Sea' by Bi Jia Wu

GCSE Design and Technology Resistent Materials: 'A birdbath' by Tomek Bruml

GCSE Costume design 'Wicked' by Alice McNicholas

A2 Spanish Oral Exposé: '¿La historia siempre se repite?' by Seonaid Carson

A2 Geography Essay: 'Is the North South Divide model outdated?' by Zoe Carter-Tai

A2 German Oral Exposé: 'Wie stellt der Film 'Nirgendwo in Afrika' das Konzept der Identität dar und inwiefern ändert sich dieses Konzept für die Familie Redlich?' by Anna van der Star

IT and Computing: 'Python Coding' by George Cartwright

Extended Project: ‘Forgotten Bravery in a Forgotten War and an Inconvenient Medal' by Anna Cooke

GCSE Design and Technology Graphic Products: 'Modular House Design' by Duncan Urquart-Hawkins

A2 Economics Essay: 'Are the Advanced Economies in for a Long Period of Economic Stagnation?' by Emma Falconer

IT and Computing: 'JavaScript Coding' by Caleb Venable

English Mystery Novella: 'The Red Handed Bird' by Eleanor Dunlop

Extended Project: 'What would you do?' by Jordan Sheath

A2 Design and Technology: 'Exercise Bike' by Oliver Trotter

Classics Essay: 'Sunt qui Propertium malint: To what extent is it fair to say that Propertius in book three of the Elegiae executed the features of love-elegy better than Ovid in book three of the Amores?' by Curtis Crowley

A2 English Essay: 'Pastoral texts are prettified and nostalgic: How far do you agree with this statement?' by Katie Newsome

Extended Project: 'To what extent can British Involvement in Burma (1886-1948) be held responsible for the military coup of 1962 and thus the breakdown in democratic governance?' by Anash Croker