Volume 2 Issue 1

Welcome back! 

Welcome back to our returning pupils and parents, and an especial welcome to our new students and their families. I hope that you will quickly feel entirely at home here at KES, making some great new friends and enjoying life at our school.

This is the first edition for this year of the weekly Bulletin. It comes out every Friday during term time, and includes everything you need to know about life at KES. Please can I ask you to read it every week, as otherwise you may miss opportunities or key pieces of information.

So here we are! It has been a long and difficult road to get us to this point. At times it may well have seemed that this day would never arrive. But, finally, we begin a brand new academic year, with all the promise and optimism that this time of year inspires in us all.

Of course, there will be changes to our daily school routines. Each of us will need to adapt, to make tweaks to long-established habits and conventions. Every one of us will have new rules to follow, and new ways of working to master.

When I finish my assemblies, I sometimes end with a little saying: ‘Look after yourself, and look after those around you’. As we begin this new term, this is possibly more vital than ever before. We have already put in a tremendous amount of effort to allow the school to return as close to normal as is possible. But we need every member of our community to look after themselves and those around them. By bringing the right equipment to school; by complying with instructions given by teachers and other staff members; by using common sense and courtesy to maintain social distances in public areas around the site. To ensure good hand hygiene. If we all play our part, then we can all be confident that our school is safe for everybody.

In today’s Bulletin, we have sign-posted links to the communications sent out during the Summer holiday to all parents, outlining in detail the changes that families, children and staff will need to make this term. If you have not done so already, please go through these with your child, and impress upon them the need to play their part in keeping our community safe.

But this year cannot be defined purely by the pandemic. Because what is really exciting about the start of any new academic year is all of the other stuff. What I love about September is the sense of a thousand unwritten stories, each just waiting to be written. Covid will force changes to the KES way of life… but we are determined that it will not stop us. So may I wish you all a wonderful Autumn term!

Neal Parker

Face Coverings 

We have decided to make the decision to change our position on the wearing of face coverings in school. From Monday, face coverings will be mandatory for all pupils and staff, in three specific areas of school life. 

Please read this letter from Neal Parker for full details.

Return to School

The full range of measures we have taken in preparation for the welcome & return of our students, was circulated to parents in August. Please make sure you go through this letter with your child, so that they too are clearly aware of restrictions in place whilst they are on site. 

Please note, since the publication of this letter our guidance on the use of face coverings has changed. Please make sure to read the above section named 'Face Coverings' for the most up-to-date guidance on the wearing of face coverings. 

Risk Assessment 

A full and detailed risk assessment can be found here. This document outlines the changes we have made to keep our community safe. 

Welcome back film 

For more information on the adaptions we've made to the school site to ensure a safe return, we've created this short video. 

Parents' Evening

The schedule for the autumn term is listed below. Unfortunately, during this term all parents’ evenings will be run remotely. More information regarding this will be sent to the relevant year groups nearer the time.

Subject Evenings
Upper Sixth (rescheduled from June 2020)       Tuesday 22nd September 2020
First YearTuesday 17th November 2020
Fourth YearWednesday 2nd December 2020
Tutor Evenings 
New Parents Evening

Thursday 24th September 2020

Lower Sixth Welcome Evening                                    

Tuesday 29th September 2020

Lower School Tutor Evening
(For all Second year and new Third year parents)

Thursday 12th November 2020

Pupil Census Form

All new parents who are yet to complete and submit the on-line Pupil Census Form in the KES Parent Portal, please could we ask that you do this by 12:00pm on Monday 7th September 2020. If you have any queries regarding the Pupil Census Form or activating your KES Parent Portal account to access the form, please do not hesitate to contact

School Policies 

The following School policies have been reviewed and updated (where required) during the last academic year and can be accessed on the School website here. All School policies are reviewed on a three yearly cycle with the exception of the ones highlighted which are reviewed annually.

Curriculum Support (SEND), Inclusion, English as a Foreign Language, Trips and Visits, Child Protection, Anti-Bullying, E-Safety, Pastoral care, behaviour and discipline, Bursaries, First Aid, Sixth Form Uniform, Substance abuse, Fire Safety, Health and Safety

Returning Textbooks

Pupils in all year groups are reminded that they may have textbooks from last year that they were unable to return at the end of the Summer term due to being at home. Please can all pupils remember to bring in any of last year’s textbooks and return them to subject teachers – particularly if they are no longer studying that subject.


Fifth Year Pupils

Monday 7 September 9.30am English Language in the Sports Hall. Pupils to assemble outside, close to the PE Steps or wait in your Year Group Tent on the field.

Subject teachers will advise when the in-class assessments will take place in the subjects concerned.

Upper Sixth Pupils

Tuesday 8 to Tuesday 15 September inclusive. Pupils to wait outside the Examination Rooms listed on the timetables 10 min beforehand.

Geography Subscriptions 

The geography department have recommended magazine subscriptions for those studying geography in Third Year, IGCSE and at A-Level. Click on the relevant link to read about the recommended resources and how to purchase. 

Second Year

Please see this letter regarding the teaching of human reproduction for Second Year students during the first term. 

Sailing, Paddleboarding and Windsurfing 

The School Sailing Club will start again on Sunday 13th September, in a socially distanced and COVID aware form. Sailing takes place on Sunday mornings and runs from 13th September – 18th October. The club restarts again after Easter on Sunday mornings and some weekday evenings. In addition to sailing, we are able to offer paddleboarding and windsurfing, subject to demand.

If you are interested in joining the Sailing Club please complete this questionnaire by no later than Monday 7th September at 4pm. Further information can be viewed on the school website here.


We have had to change the arrangements for Clubs slightly this year due to the staggered lunch break and the need to keep pupils within their existing bubbles. Clubs will start on the 7th September and the program is likely to evolve as the term progresses. 

The most up-to-date details can be found here.

Lunch Menu 

To reduce dwell time in the dining room, we've shared the lunch menu for the first week below. Please ensure all students are familiar with the menu ahead of their allocated lunch slot. 

Week 1MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
SALAD BARBowled Tossed Salad w/ ColeslawBowled Tossed Salad w/ Coleslaw
Bowled Tossed Salad w/ Coleslaw
Bowled Tossed Salad w/ Coleslaw
Bowled Tossed Salad w/ Coleslaw



Grated Cheese

Baked Beans 

Garlic Bread

Spicy Sausage

Chicken Korma 


Grated Cheese 

Baked Beans 

Garlic Bread

Chilli Beef

Italian Mushroom


Grated Cheese 

Baked Beans 

Garlic Bread 


Chicken Tikka


Grated Cheese 

Baked Beans

Garlic Bread

Firecracker Chicken

Vegetable Chilli 


Grated Cheese

Baked Beans

Garlic Bread

SOUPTomato & BasilCarrot & CorianderMexican BeanPotato & LeekMushroom
SANDWICHESTuna Melt Panini

Ham & Cheese 

Brie & Tomato

Chicken Corn Mayo Bap

Ham Salad Baguette 

Pesto Vegetable Wrap

Cheese Salad Bap

Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap

Tuna Mayo Baguette 

Bacon & Cheese Panini 

Pesto Chicken Panini

Sweet Chilli Vegetable

Meatball Panini

BBQ Chicken

Three Cheese 

COUNTER Jumbo Hotdog 

Beef & Vegetable Casserole

Cheese & Tomato Pizza 

Bolognese Pasta Bake

Beef Burger 

Chicken and Vegetable Puff Pastry Pie

Mexican Chilli 

Beef Nachos

Pork Steak Italiano

Battered Fish

Battered Fish Fingers 

Jumbo Sausage Roll

VEGETARIANVegetable Puff Pastry PieVegetable & Pepper RisottoArrabiata Quorn FilletStir Fried Mushroom & VegetablesSpicy Bean Burger
POTATO & VEGETABLEParisienne Potatoes

Peas & Sweetcorn

Spicy Wedges 

Baton Carrots & Green Beans

Herby Dice Potatoes  

Cauliflower and Broccoli

Braised Rice 

Mixed Vegetables


Baked Beans

Garden Peas

DESSERTS1 Hot Dessert

Shortbread Biscuit 

Jelly Pot 

Mixed Fruit Pot

1 Hot Dessert 

Rice Krispie Cake 

Jelly Pot

Mixed Fruit Pot 

1 Hot Dessert 

Chocolate Brownie 

Jelly Pot 

Mixed Fruit Pot 

1 Hot Dessert 


Jelly Pot 

Mixed Fruit Pot 

1 Hot Dessert 

Choc Chip Cookie 

Jelly Pot 

Mixed Fruit Pot 


It was fantastic to see so many of our students take the opportunity to get out and be active at the preseason sports training sessions. All sessions were well attended but particularly worthy of recognition were the first years with a fantastic 122 students out of a year group of 131 attending the training sessions. 

The sports department are looking forward to working with all the students and there have been positive updates from the government on what we can offer. An information letter from Mr Kent can be found here for more information. 


Lower School Pupils

Following the updated advice from the Department for Education regarding School sports we are pleased to say that Junior House will start next Friday 11th September between 1600-1715. This is a compulsory inter house competition for all students in the Second and Third Year. Junior House will run on three consecutive Fridays: 11th, 18th and 25th September. 

Students should arrive at school in their sports kit ready to compete after school. If a student is unable to attend Junior House, parents should contact


Click on the dates to access full details of each fixture including meeting points and times.

Saturday 5th September 

v. Halliford School

Boys U16A – Home
Boys U15A – Away
Boys U15B – Away
Boys U14A – Home
Boys U14B – Home
Boys U13A – Away
Boys U13B – Away

Internal 6-a-side 

Boys U12A – Home
Boys U12B – Home
Boys U12C – Home

Internal Matches 

Girls U15A – Home
Girls U15B – Home
Girls U14A – Home
Girls U14B – Home

Internal Tournament

Girls U13A – Home
Girls U13B – Home
Girls U13C – Home
Girls U13D – Home
Girls U12A – Home
Girls U12B – Home
Girls U12C – Home
Girls U12D – Home

Sal's Shoes Collection

Click the image to enlarge.

On 17th and 18th of September, the Charities Commission will be collecting shoes for Sal's Shoes. Their 'Toe-to-Toe 2020' campaign focuses on collecting unwanted shoes and distributing them to the 3 million children in the world for whom walking in shoes is a rarity.

If you have any pre-loved, clean shoes that you may have outgrown, whether they be leather, summer, winter, party shoes or football boots or slippers, please bring them in on the 17th (First Year & Upper School) and 18th (Lower School & Sixth Form) of September along with a pound donation which pays for the postage of the shoes.

KES Merchandise

The Charities Commission have ordered some of the below branded merchandise. Click the images below to enlarge.