Volume 2 Issue 14

Happy Christmas!   

As we reach the end of a challenging term, I want to pay tribute to the pupils, and to my colleagues. They have been a joy this term, taking so much in their stride and remaining steadfastly committed to learning and engaging with School life. The wonderful online Carol Service on Monday night surely sums up their ‘can do’ attitude perfectly. It was such a lovely event. My thanks go to them all.

I also want to express my gratitude to you, our parents. You too have been through many challenges and disruptions in 2020. But you have continued to encourage and support the School in our mission to educate your children. Many of you have written to us this term, in order to thank and encourage our staff. These messages have provided genuine moments of pleasure, letting us all know just how much our efforts have been appreciated.

Last week, I circulated a survey to our staff, pupils and parents, to find out how you felt we have dealt with some key elements of our provision this term. We had over 1,000 responses in total, including over 200 responses from parents. Overall, you rated our communication with you at higher than 4 out of 5 stars, with parent respondents rating this element as 4.6 out of 5. I am delighted that this was your response – but I promise that we will not be complacent, and will continue to seek to improve our communication to you yet further in the coming term.

In terms of choosing the right time to return to full School uniform, across all responses 86% asked to keep non-uniform until the February half term. This included 74% of all parents. Accordingly, as originally planned, we will remain in non-uniform until the February half term, and will revert to formal School uniform from Monday 22nd February.

Finally, 58% of those parents who have experienced a virtual parents’ evening this term preferred the format to our ‘usual’ in-person approach. For our teachers, 73% preferred the virtual format. Whilst this innovation therefore seems to represent a considerable ‘silver lining’ from this term’s disruptions, nonetheless major decisions on how we conduct parents' evenings would not be appropriate at this point, and will be looked at in detail once the pandemic has passed and more such meetings have been held.

Thank you for your responses.

May I end by wishing you all my heartfelt best wishes for a wonderful Christmas. We will see you in January, for what we all hope might slowly become a more normal School year in 2021.

Happy Christmas!

Neal Parker


Neal Parker

Whole School Notices 

Prize Giving 2020

Although it is hugely disappointing we could not celebrate Prize Giving in our usual way this year, recordings of the ceremony for the Lower School, Upper School and Sixth Form are available to watch following the links below. We hope parents of the prize winners can spend some time over the coming weeks to view the ceremony to celebrate your child’s achievement.

We ask parents not to share these videos on social media. 

Lower School Password: LowerPrizes20

Upper School Password: UpperPrizes20

Sixth Form Password: VI-Prizes20

Start of Term - Government Announcements 

Mr Parker has sent all parents an email this afternoon, detailing the changes we are implementing for the return to school in January. You can find this letter here

Half Term Grades

Half Term Grades for your son/daughter will be made available on the KES Parent Portal by the end of today. They are an indication of the work and evidence produced in class during the last half term only. Grade Descriptors and further information on what these grades mean and how you can access them can be found here.

Music Competition 

The Music Competition (Grade V-VII and Grade VIII+) will take place on Monday 18th January, adjudicated by Ruth Rogers; principal violinist of the London Mozart Players. If you would like to take part, please collect your application forms from Miss Barnett. For more information, please see this poster

Deadline is 9th January, but please submit your entry before Christmas if possible!

First Year Notices 

No notices this week. 

Second Year Notices 

No notices this week.

Third Year Notices 

No notices this week. 

Fourth Year Notices 

No notices this week. 

Fifth Year Notices 

Autumn Term Subject Reports

Fifth Year Autumn Term Subject Reports have been posted and will be published on the KES Parent Portal by the end of the day. 

Important Message Regarding Summer GCSE Examinations 

Following my message to you last week about arrangements for the summer GCSE exams, the Cambridge International board who organise our IGCSEs in English, Computer Science, DT, Economics, Geography, History, and Italian have now released details as to their provisions for their exams later this year. Unlike all other GCSE and IGCSE that we run, CIE have announced that they will not be providing content information about their exams in advance. They have also announced that should a pupil complete part of the assessment but not all, i.e. they have completed coursework or taken one of the exam papers but due to Covid related reasons not been able to complete all of them, a result will be determined based upon this. However, they have stated that should a pupil miss all aspects of the assessment, they will not be running any contingency papers in the summer, nor will they be asking for Centre Assessment Grades. In this instance pupils will be able to sit the full examination in November.

This table may help to show the two different contingency measures in place for the GCSE and IGCSE examinations:

Incomplete exam

Result for AQA, Edexcel, OCR, and Eduqas subjects

Result for CIE subjects

Some parts of the exam completed (i.e. some papers, or coursework unit), but others missed due to covid related reasons.
If a medical note confirms circumstances, special considerations might be applicable and a grade still awarded.
If a medical note confirms circumstances, special considerations might be applicable and a grade still awarded.
All parts of the exam missed due to Covid related reasons.
If a medical note confirms circumstances, able to sit a single contingency paper about two weeks later.
If a medical note confirms circumstances, able to sit papers in November.
Unable to sit the contingency paper(s) due to covid reasons.
If a medical note confirms circumstances, a centre assessed grade will be asked for.
Details unknown (tbc).  Assumption at the moment is no result awarded.

Lower Sixth Notices 

No notices this week. 

Upper Sixth Notices 

No notices this week. 

Christmas at KES...

Christmas Trees

Staff and pupils have been decorating numerous Christmas Trees in the last few weeks of term. Each Year Group had a tree to decorate - and we'll be so sad to see them go in the New Year. 

Christmas Jumper Day 

Friday 11 December, pupils were invited to come into school in a Christmas Jumper in aid of Save The Children. 

Please click on the image to enlarge

House Christmas Challenge 

As part of the festivities at KES, First Years took part in the House DT Challenge. First Years were asked to design a seasonal costume, using different materials and textiles.

It’s a fabulous activity that is available to First Years every year and we’re thrilled to be able to make it happen this year. Well done to all – they look amazing.

Please click on the image to enlarge

KES Carol Service 

For those who missed the live streaming of the Carol Service (or you would like to watch it again), please find a link here where you can watch the service at your pleasure.

2020/21 Allen Grant Trophy Results  

With it being the end of Term, we wanted to take a look at the current scores for the Allen Grant Trophy. A huge well done to everyone that has been involved in the countless house games, challenges and activities! 

1st - Reynolds 75 Points 

2nd - Sylvester 66 Points 

3rd - Lawrence 62 Points 

4th - Capon 61 Points 

5th - Watts 53 Points 

6th - Lake 48 Points 


Monday 4 January  - Inset Day