Volume 2 Issue 19

Living Online 

It will not surprise you at all to know that internet use in the UK has surged over the past 12 months. Even before the pandemic, the use of social media and the internet had grown year on year in this country, but with the advent of online working and learning, this has taken a giant leap forwards. The average adult in the UK now spends about 4 hours per day online.

This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. Of course, we all need to make sure that we also get fresh air and exercise, and read paper books and talk to our families… but the internet itself is not something to fear. It has brought us previously unimaginable experiences, knowledge and culture. It has made the world a smaller and more accessible place. Slightly less grandly, never again will I need to experience the bitter frustration of not being able to remember the name of an actor I am watching on TV, or the exact number of FA Cup wins in Arsenal’s history (14, by the way, I just Googled it!). Equally however, the very openness of the internet and the all-pervasive influence of social media means that we all need to have the tools to recognise the pitfalls and threats that exist in our second ‘virtual’ lives. The internet is a big world, full of opportunities and dangers - just like the real world - and we need to know how to navigate it successfully and safely.

We have always placed a huge emphasis on teaching our pupils internet and social media safety and behaviour. We do it all the time, but especially this week. Tuesday 9th February is national ‘Safer Internet Day’, and this week’s assembly includes a video message from the student eSafety Team at KES. But we also want to give our parents an opportunity to learn more about this virtual world, and on Tuesday evening at 7pm, we will be welcoming (virtually) Lorin LaFave from the highly respected Breck Foundation to our School, to talk to parents about digital resilience and safety. Lorin has previously spoken to our staff, and it was a moving and profoundly eye-opening talk. I absolutely would welcome and encourage your attendance at this event, but would ask you to note that it is aimed at adults, and is for parents rather than pupils. Joining instructions are published below.

Neal Parker


Neal Parker

Digital Safety Parents' Talk with The Breck Foundation

We invite all parents to join us on the evening of Tuesday 9 February at 7pm for a talk from The Breck Foundation.

Breck Foundation is a self-funded charity set up by Lorin LaFave, who has made numerous TV and radio appearances to raise awareness of online grooming and promote digital resilience. She also speaks regularly at police and school training sessions, as well as safeguarding, policy change and Ofsted conferences. We’ve invited Lorin to share with our parent community the story of Breck to help support our parents in raising awareness of the potential dangers online.

On the day of Tuesday 9 February, all parents at KES and Stroud will receive an email with a zoom link, which is also available below. Please use this link to access the live event. Please note, there is limited space, which will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. 

Please be aware that during the talk, Lorin LaFave from The Breck Foundation, will be sharing a deeply personal and powerful story, that some may find highly upsetting.

Breck Foundation Parents' Talk - Feb 9, 2021 07:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 820 2053 9557

Passcode: E-safety21

Whole School Notices

Music Competition - Save The Date 

Save the date! The Music Competition will now take place on Wednesday 5th May, adjudicated by Ruth Rogers, principal violinist of the London Mozart Players. Keep your eyes peeled for more information!

First Year Notices 

No notices this week 

Second Year Notices 

No notices this week 

Third Year Notices 

Morrisby Career Aspirations

In the first week after half term, all Third Year students will be completing the online Morrisby Aspiration questionnaire during school time. This marks an important start to the Morrisby process that will continue throughout the remainder of your son/daughter’s time at King Edward's. 

Full details of timings and a code will be sent to parents and students ahead of half term. In the meantime, to learn all about it, please watch this short video with your son/daughter.

Fourth Year Notices 

The Smallpiece Trust - Physics Course 

The Smallpiece Trust is offering an online course in AstroPhysics at a cost of £200. The details of this course can be found here. The Physics Department feel this would be of particular interest to our Fourth Years who are studying AstroPhysics in class.

Fifth Year Notices 

Important update regarding GCSEs

On Wednesday, Edexcel confirmed that they will not be running examinations for their IGCSE (at KES these are the three sciences, Maths, French, German, and Spanish), but will instead be asking for teacher assessed grades. We still do not yet have any details as to how these, or the domestic GCSEs, will require schools to determine the teacher assessed grades. The CIE board (Computer Science, Economics, both English, Geography, History, Italian, and Sports Science) have stated that they are ‘looking at switching from exams’ – and we hope to have confirmation of their final approach next week.

Depending upon the re-opening of schools, it still remains the intention to run mock exams in all subjects in the final two weeks of this term.

Lower Sixth Notices 

No notices this week. 

Upper Sixth Notices 

No notices this week. 

Lockdown Clubs 

For information on all clubs running through lockdown, see here

All-Star Weekend - Student Podcast 

Mr Marino, Teacher of Modern Languages, has been running a ‘Sport Experts Club’ during Lockdown, for students to discuss various sporting events, from football to tennis.

Two members, who share a love for basketball have decided to go one step further and have launched their very own podcast! ‘All-Star Weekend’ is a podcast dedicated to NBA, revealing the secrets within the American basketball league. Ollie and James, Fourth Year students, have done a phenomenal job creating this highly informative and impressive podcast.

We encourage anyone interested in sport, particularly basketball, to give it a listen here

KES Library Literary Review 

The second issue of the KES Literary Review is here! 

Each week the newsletter features guest reviewers to share their opinions on recent or favourite reads. This week the librarians are joined by Mr Tofts, Teacher of Religious Studies and Philosophy and, Aryan, First Year. 

Click on the images below to read the newsletter in PDF format. 


The Australian Open Tennis Championships start Monday 8 February in Melbourne, Australia. We have 2700 KM to go, can we get there in time? 

For more information on the challenge, how to take part and how to calculate your distance, click here

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Tuesday 9 February - Digital Safety Parents' Talk with The Breck Foundation 

Monday 15 February - Half Term 

Wednesday 24 February - Third Year Parents' Evening 

Friday 5 March - Deadline for GCSE subject choices (Third Year)