Volume 2 Issue 2

In Spite of Everything...

I have a notice board in the Crush Hall at School, and every month I put up a ‘thought for the month’ for pupils and colleagues to ponder as they go about their business or queue for their lunch. It also appears at the very bottom of this Bulletin each week – so that you too can read it if you wish.

I like to think that (for those who notice it and are interested) the ‘thought for the month’ perhaps gives just a second or two pause for thought and reflection, or else provides our students with an opportunity to be introduced to a new figure from history or the wider world. Certainly, an eclectic bunch of characters were included last year: Abraham Lincoln, Maya Angelou, Pelé, Aristotle, Anne Frank and Dolly Parton all featured, amongst others!

This month I have chosen a quote by the Dutch post-impressionist painter, Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh was a supreme artist and visionary, who (as many will know) led a difficult and ultimately tragic life. But his paintings leave behind a wonderful legacy. The chosen quote seems utterly apt to this term:

In spite of everything, I shall rise again. I will take up my pencil… and I will go on with my drawing.’

I like to think that this captures exactly how this week has felt at KES. Yes, there have been inconveniences. Yes, there have been changes. School is not and cannot be as free or as effortless as it would otherwise be. But, ‘in spite of everything’ the pupils have returned with enthusiasm to their learning, their clubs, their sports, their friendships, their routines. The necessary barriers have not prevented a more fundamental ‘normality’ being resumed at KES. It has looked different… but it has felt the same.

At KES this week, we have picked up our pencils, and we have got on with our drawing.

I wish you could see it - it has been wonderful.

Neal Parker

Face Masks 

All Students 

Please can all parents remind students that it's mandatory to wear face masks when on the school buses. While most have been excellent, we have noticed a number of students removing them during their journeys. For more information with regards to our policy on face masks at King Edward's, please refer to this previously sent letter from the Head, Neal Parker.

School Start of Term Information

Now that students are settling in well at KES, we would like to provide you with some helpful information that is relevant to each year group. Please refer to the relevant year and click the link to access the information.

Lower School

First Year, Second Year and Third Year

Upper School

Fourth Year and Fifth Year

Scholarships and Studentships

Fifth Year

Information and procedure to apply for financial support if your child wishes to enter the Sixth Form in September 2021 can be found here. The deadline for applications is Thursday 31 October 2020.

HMC Baseline Testing 

Lower Sixth 

All Lower Sixth pupils will be taking the ALIS test on Thursday 17 September. The purpose of the test is to allow the School to set a baseline for all pupils that helps individual progress to be monitored, and for value-added calculations to be made when the GCE results for these pupils are known. ALIS is the acronym for Advanced Level Information System and it is part of the family of information systems offered by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) at Durham University. The test consists of mathematical and reasoning exercises and will be completed in 45 minutes. The test is taken on-screen. Pupils do not have to prepare for the test in any way.

Social Media 

Whilst we educate our pupils on the safe use of the Internet and social media, from time to time they may be exposed to inappropriate content, either accidentally, or through peer sharing. 

We would urge parents to keep an open dialogue with their children about their Internet use to help keep them safe, and to encourage them to talk to you or to the School if they encounter anything that makes them feel uncomfortable or upset. We have lots of advice for parents on our website and we also recommend the Childnet website for up to date parental information on different apps and social media platforms.

Fitness and Conditioning 

The school continues to stress the importance of good health and fitness to our students and parents may be interested to know that Mr Richardson, our new Head of Rugby, is a highly qualified Strength and Conditioning trainer and is now leading this part of the sports programme.

He is very keen to work with individual students as well as our teams and can provide individualised training programmes whether this be sport specific or targeting more general health and fitness. If any parents would like him to work with their son or daughter please make contact by email ( although we are also encouraging the students to make the first approach in person.

Sports Website Team Sheet Access

It was great to see so many of our students involved in sport last Saturday and we were equally delighted to welcome parents new and old back to KES. We will continue to welcome parents for all sporting events but we do ask that parents are mindful of the government requirements for social distancing even when outdoors.

Special Arrangements for Examinations 

Upper School and Upper Sixth

If you are a parent of a child about to sit public examinations during 2020-2021, please read about special arrangements carefully here. If you have specific questions about matters pertaining to special arrangements for public examinations, please contact the Curriculum Support Department (

Vocal Masterclass 

Upper School and Sixth Form 

The Music Department is delighted to welcome back Rebecca Lafferty to give an afternoon of masterclasses to our vocal students on Monday 19th October, 2-4pm in the Dobson Theatre. If you are a member of the Upper School or Sixth Form and would like to take part please contact Miss Forsey ( before Friday 25th September.

Lunch Menu 

To reduce dwell time in the dining room, we've shared the lunch menu for the first week below. Please ensure all students are familiar with the menu ahead of their allocated lunch slot. 

Week 2MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
SALAD BARBowled Tossed Salad w/ ColeslawBowled Tossed Salad w/ Coleslaw
Bowled Tossed Salad w/ Coleslaw
Bowled Tossed Salad w/ Coleslaw
Bowled Tossed Salad w/ Coleslaw



Grated Cheese

Baked Beans 

Garlic Bread

Chicken Torino

Chilli Beef 


Grated Cheese 

Baked Beans 

Garlic Bread

Chicken Korma



Grated Cheese 

Baked Beans 

Garlic Bread 

Sweet Chilli Chicken

Italian Mushroom


Grated Cheese 

Baked Beans

Garlic Bread


Chicken Tikka


Grated Cheese

Baked Beans

Garlic Bread

SOUPTomato & HerbCream of SweetcornBroccoliCarrot and CuminMushroom
SANDWICHESTurkey Pesto Panini

Pepperoni Panini 

Roasted Veg and Brie

Tuna and Corn Baguette

Ham Salad Bap

Mixed Bean & Avo Wrap

Sweet Chilli Quorn Wrap

Spicy Chicken Mayo Bap

BLT Baguette 

Tuna Melt

BBQ Chicken and Bacon

Mexican Bean Panini

Meat Feast Panini

Bacon and Cheese

Cheese and Tomato


Cumberland Sausage Bap

BBQ Chicken Fillet 

Ham & Cheese Pizza 

Bean and Chorizo Pasta Bake

Beef Burger 

Herb Roasted Pork Steak

Roast Chicken Fillet  

Braised Lamb Casserole 

Battered Fish

Jumbo Fish Fingers 

Cottage Pie 

VEGETARIANMushroom and Pepper StroganoffQuorn and Vegetable CasseroleVegetable Hot PotBBQ Quorn Fillet with PeppersVegetarian Sausages
POTATO & VEGETABLEParisienne Potatoes

Green Beans and Brocolli

Spicy Wedges 

Baton Carrots & Peas

Herby Diced Potatoes  

Cauliflower and Sweetcorn

Roast Potatoes

Mixed Vegetables


Mushy Peas

Garden Peas

DESSERTS1 Hot & 1 Cold Dessert

Jelly Pot 

Mixed Fruit Pot

1 Hot & 1 Cold Dessert

Jelly Pot

Mixed Fruit Pot 

1 Hot & 1 Cold Dessert

Jelly Pot 

Mixed Fruit Pot 

1 Hot & 1 Cold Dessert

Jelly Pot 

Mixed Fruit Pot 

1 Hot & 1 Cold Dessert

Jelly Pot 

Mixed Fruit Pot 


Click on the dates to access full details of each fixture including meeting points and times.

Saturday 12th September 



Boys 1st XI, Boys 2nd XI, Boys U16A, Boys U16B, Boys U15A, Boys U15B, Boys U14A, Boys U12B, Boys U13A, Boys U13B, Boys U13C, Boys U13D, Boys U12A, Boys U12B, Boys U12C, Boys U12D 

vs. Trojans 


Girls U14A, Girls U14B, Girls U13A, Girls U13B, Girls U13C, Girls U13D, Girls 12A, Girls U12B, Girls U12C, Girls U12D

Sal's Shoes Collection

Click the image to enlarge.

On 17th and 18th of September, the Charities Commission will be collecting shoes for Sal's Shoes. Their 'Toe-to-Toe 2020' campaign focuses on collecting unwanted shoes and distributing them to the 3 million children in the world for whom walking in shoes is a rarity.

If you have any pre-loved, clean shoes that you may have outgrown, whether they be leather, summer, winter, party shoes or football boots or slippers, please bring them in on the below dates, along with a pound donation which pays for the postage of the shoes.

Thursday 17th September 

First Years: please bring shoes and deposit in cardboard boxes which will be in your Group Base classrooms during tutor time. 

Upper School: Bring shoes in but drop off at the back of the Atrium at break and lunch. 

Friday 18th September 

Lower School: Bring in shoes and drop at the back of the Atrium during Group Base.

Sixth Form: There will be collection boxes for you to deposit your shoes in the concourse.

KES Merchandise

The Charities Commission have ordered some of the below branded merchandise. Click the images below to enlarge.