Volume 2 Issue 3

A Boiling Frog

There is a rather horrible parable about complacency. I hope that it is purely metaphorical, and has never actually been tried.

It tells of a science experiment, where a frog is placed into a beaker of boiling water. It leaps out, and thereby saves itself. The experiment is tried again, but this time with pleasant cold water, which is then slowly heated, degree by degree. The frog fails to notice the water becoming hotter, and therefore stays submerged within it until it expires from the heat.

A horrible story, but a good metaphor. It teaches us that we can become complacent about things when they become routine or seem normal to us.

Please can I take the opportunity this week to ask every single family to urge their children to guard against complacency at school, with regards to our adaptations for Covid. What was strange and disconcerting a fortnight ago is now mundane and normal. We have seen a very small, but increasing number of students ignoring our one-way systems at school, or taking off their face coverings whilst on the buses and in the corridors. Not out of spite or maliciousness, but rather because they have become used to how KES is operating, and have let their guard down.

But doing so puts the systems and structures we have worked so hard to create and enact into jeopardy. It puts our ability to offer a full school experience in jeopardy. I must be clear: we will be uncompromising in our response to the children who do not follow the rules whilst at school. But I would hugely value your reinforcing this message over the weekend and repeating it frequently throughout this period. None of us like the changes we have made, but every single one of us must strictly follow them at all times, if they are to remain effective.

And some of my colleagues are not just following the rules, but doing so with style and panache! Whilst I am somewhat conservatively opting for a plain black face covering, the maths teachers (thanks to some snazzy sewing by Mrs Matthews) have gone for numerical themed masks, showing off their passion for their subject whilst still staying safe. I am no ‘fashionista’ (those of you who have met me in person will certainly attest to this!) but I am happy to declare that maths are currently winning the face mask fashion stakes!

Neal Parker

Covid-19, A What If Guide for Parents

To help try to understand the Government instructions around self-isolation and the number of days to isolate please find here a ‘What If Guide for Parents’. If any parent is concerned about what they should do and this document doesn’t answer your question please contact the school.

First Year Individual Photographs

Your child should be bringing home a photograph today taken on Friday 4th September, should you wish to purchase this from Cardwell & Simons. Unfortunately, this year, due to the change to the induction day, all pupils were in their games kit for the photograph. We are working with the photographers to try to arrange another date later this term for a photograph to be taken in full school uniform. When we have finalised a date we will inform parents through The Bulletin.

Student Absence 

Parents are reminded that where possible, they should report all absence and illness through the KES Parent Portal using the Daily Illness Reporting Form. Currently we have to report all absences to the Government on a daily basis, so to help with that if the absence is Covid-19 related, it would help our reporting if parents could add an additional comment to the form as appropriate from the choices below;

COVID - Seeking / Awaiting TestFor pupils trying to get a test booked
COVID - Awaiting Test Result My child has been tested and is waiting a result
COVID - SI - Family/ FriendSelf-isolating, family/ friend is displaying a symptom

This will also help the school to ensure Zoom access to lessons is made available for all Covid related absence. Thank you for your continued support.

Accessing Lessons During Self-Isolation

We recognise that under the current circumstances some pupils have no option but to stay at home and self-isolate due to the current Covid-19 guidelines. If they are not actually unwell then exceptional arrangements for pupils in these circumstances can be made for them to observe lessons via Zoom. Please note that on the first day of absence there will not be time to arrange this for the Period 1 lesson.

In circumstances, however, where pupils are unable to attend school for non-Covid 19 reasons, for example they are too ill to be in school, or they have another authorised absence, they will not be able to view lessons via Zoom and should make arrangements to catch up with work in the normal way once they are back in school. Please refer to the Head's letter to parents regarding safe return to school, sent in late August, for further details.

Virtual Sixth Form Information Evening

Fifth Year Pupils and Parents

Important Date for your Diary – Thursday 22nd October 2020 Virtual Sixth Form Information Evening

Regrettably we are unable to hold our Sixth Form Information Evening in person this year. We would like to invite you to join our Virtual Information Evening on Zoom instead.Subject talks by Heads of Department for all of the subjects that we offer at A Level will be held throughout the evening between 6pm and 8pm. The talks will be repeated for all subjects at the following times:

6.00pm, 6.20pm, 6.40pm, 7.00pm, 7.20pm, 7.40pm

We hope that the repetition of the talks will enable you and your child to attend all of the subjects that you are interested in. There will be no need to book on to any of the talks, simply select the subjects you would like to ‘attend’ and join the Zoom meeting at whichever time is convenient to you.

The talks will consider of a short presentation and then an opportunity to ask questions. If you require a longer discussion, or would like to ask more personal questions in private then please contact the relevant Head of Department who will then arrange a separate time to talk with you at a later date.

At 8.00pm talks will be given by Mr Parker, Head, Dr Waymark, Deputy Head, Mr Culver and Director of Sixth Form. Again, there will be no need to book, simply join this Zoom meeting using the code provided.

Zoom codes for all subjects and the Head’s talk will be sent to you by email nearer the time.

We will also be running our Looking Forwards Day during the day for Fifth Years. This is another opportunity to find out about subjects and options for A Level study, as well as some of the opportunities that exist at King Edward’s post-GCSE. Details of which will again be sent to you nearer the time.

KES Charity Events 

First Year

King Edward’s supports a number of local, national and international charities and community service projects. Last year alone, the students managed to raise just under £10,000 for charity, and we endeavour to be as successful this year. As the first term can be confusing enough for new students, we have created a schedule of Charity events this term to let you know what’s happening and what you might need to do, so you don’t have any difficult ‘I need an outfit!’ conversations the night before an event.

All Students, Friday 25th September

Non-Uniform Day

Next Friday is a non-uniform day in aid of the Marine Conservation Society. We are asking students to bring in £1, exact change only, which they will hand to their tutor at Group Base.

Krispy Kreme Sale

There will also be a Krispy Kreme sale in the Gazebos during break time next Friday. Students will need to bring another £1 if they would like a tasty donut! Reminder we can only accept exact change due to COVID. All proceeds will go towards the Marine Conservation Society.

To ensure that every student can be involved in the non-uniform day on Friday the 25th of September next week please read the following information:

If any student has a PE lesson next Friday they will be allowed to change into their school PE kit using the school's changing rooms. (This is a change for one day only. The changing rooms will be cleaned more frequently next Friday to enable students to use these facilities)

Any students who have Junior house next Friday will also be given certain time slots to use the changing rooms to change into their House kit. These will be sent via Heads of House nearer the time. Any bags that do not contain valuables can also be stored in the marquees.

HMC Baseline Testing 

Third Year

All Third Year pupils will be taking the MIDYIS test on Thursday 24 September. The purpose of the test is to allow value-added calculations to be made when the GCSE/IGCSE results for these pupils are known. The test consists of mathematical and reasoning exercises and will be completed in less than an hour. The test is taken on-screen. Pupils do not need to prepare for the test in any way.

The results allow the School to set a baseline for all pupils that allows individual progress to be monitored objectively. The test results are also stored at the CEM Centre at Durham University, which is the central body administering the tests.

Sports Injury Management - Return 2 Play

We are continuing to use Return2Play for our sports injury management. Under the school subscription all students have a profile, and login details remain the same as last year. The school nursing team will use this system to record injuries and it will communicate to all relevant people in the event of an injury, sporting or otherwise. In order to ensure that the messages reach the right people could parents please ensure that all contact details are correct on their child’s profile.

Return2Play also offer concussion management as part of an additional medical membership which parents can choose to opt in to for a cost of £30. In order to opt in you should make this payment on KESPay 988 Return2Play Medical Membership. The benefits of the extra medical subscription beyond that being paid by the School are;

  • In the event of a head injury to your child, specialist care is provided by doctors with unrivalled experience in the management of head injuries.
  • Convenient and accessible appointments, by webcam if necessary, with these doctors in the evenings and weekends.
  • Each stage of Graduated Return to Play are monitored
  • Year-round use of the R2P System and care, not just in term-time

Further information including the introduction letters sent to new parents and data protection information can be found on the school website at Concussion and Injury Management and Return2Play further information.

Sports Fixtures Updates

It has been fantastic to see the enthusiastic approach shown by those who have been fortunate enough to have school fixtures. Sadly it has not been possible to arrange these for all year groups and for this we apologise. The heads of sport continue to search for opposition to provide our students with sporting opportunities and hopefully this will become easier as more schools resume fixtures however this approach does mean that at times information may change at fairly short notice. The sports website will be updated as soon as any details change and parents are advised to check this at regular intervals. Students will continue to receive messages through the planner. When fixtures do take place we continue to welcome parents to spectate but would remind all involved of the important of good hygiene and ensuring appropriate distancing is observed however we will not be able to provide refreshments for parents or pupils at this stage.

Lunch Menu 

To reduce dwell time in the dining room, we've shared the lunch menu for the following week below. Please ensure all students are familiar with the menu ahead of their allocated lunch slot. 

Week 3MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
SALAD BARBowled Tossed Salad w/ ColeslawBowled Tossed Salad w/ Coleslaw
Bowled Tossed Salad w/ Coleslaw
Bowled Tossed Salad w/ Coleslaw
Bowled Tossed Salad w/ Coleslaw



Grated Cheese

Baked Beans 

Garlic Bread

Spicy Sausage

Chicken Italiano

Grated Cheese 

Baked Beans 

Garlic Bread


Firecracker Chicken 


Grated Cheese 

Baked Beans 

Garlic Bread 


Chicken Tikka


Grated Cheese 

Baked Beans

Garlic Bread

Chicken Korma

Italian Mushroom


Grated Cheese

Baked Beans

Garlic Bread

SOUPTomato & HerbLeak & Butternut SquashBroccoliCream of VegetableMushroom
SANDWICHESHam & Cheese Panini

BBQ Chicken Panini 

Spicy Mixed Bean

Turkey Salad Bap

Chicken & Bacon Mayo Wrap

Egg & Cress Baguette

Ham & Cheese Baguette

Brie & Cranberry Bap

Chicken Tikka Wrap

Pastrami & Cheese

Bacon & Brie Panini

Roast Veg & Mozzarella 

Pesto Chicken Panini

Tuna Melt 

Reggae Reggae Veg


Sweet and Sour Chicken

Lamb Balti

Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza 

Shepherds Pie 

Beef Burger 

Chicken ala King 

Braised Beef & Vegetable Pie

BBQ Pork Steak 

Battered Fish

Jumbo Fish Fingers 

Piri Piri Chicken 

VEGETARIANVegetable & Egg Noodle Chow MeinButternut Squash & Quinoa BurgerQuorn Sausage & Vegetable CasseroleCreamy Mushroom & Vegetable RisottoQuorn Hot Dog

Green Beans and Sweetcorn

Spicy Wedges 

Baton Carrots & Peas

Herby Diced Potatoes  

Cauliflower and Brocolli

Roast Potatoes

Mixed Vegetables


Baked Beans

Garden Peas

DESSERTS1 Hot & 1 Cold Dessert

Jelly Pot 

Mixed Fruit Pot

1 Hot & 1 Cold Dessert

Jelly Pot

Mixed Fruit Pot 

1 Hot & 1 Cold Dessert

Jelly Pot 

Mixed Fruit Pot 

1 Hot & 1 Cold Dessert

Jelly Pot 

Mixed Fruit Pot 

1 Hot & 1 Cold Dessert

Jelly Pot 

Mixed Fruit Pot 


Click on the dates to access full details of each fixture including meeting points and times.

Saturday 18th September

vs. Stroud 


Boys U12A, Boys U12B

vs. Winchester Hockey Club 


Girls U14A, Girls U14B, Girls 12A, Girls U12B, Girls U12C, Girls U12D

KES Merchandise

The Charities Commission have ordered some of the below branded merchandise. Click the images below to enlarge.