Volume 2 Issue 34

A Festival of Science and Sport 

There has been a bit of an extra buzz around the school this week. Wandering around the grounds, you might suddenly encounter a group of students having the acoustics of a classical guitar demonstrated to them, or else pass by another (supervised!) group letting off fireworks or creating miniature explosions.

It can only mean one thing – that the long awaited and much delayed biennial KES Science and Technology Festival has been taking place. It has been an unalloyed pleasure to see the wide eyes and open mouths of our pupils experiencing everyday science in new and exciting ways. From complex university-style lectures on chemical processes through to magnificent ‘beasties’ and tremendous ‘BANGS!’ - the whole community has embarked on a fascinating voyage of scientific discovery. I hope that the Festival has inspired your child – I know that it has me!

As we end the week, our thoughts move from science to sport. If you are reading this on a sunny Friday afternoon, then Sports Day has probably just taken place… if it is pouring with rain outside, then perhaps it has been delayed. Regardless, we are sorry that parents are unable to join us at Sports Day this year, but promise that we will do our very best to clap and cheer your son or daughter along in their race or event on your behalf.

Neal Parker

Whole School Notices

End of Term 

Please note that Summer Term ends on Friday 9 July at 3.55 pm. KETA buses will run as normal at 4.10 pm but there will be no late buses.

Start of Term, September 2021 

Please can parents and pupils make note of their return to school date for September. Upon return at the specified date and time below, please can all students make their way to group base. 

Current First and Second Year (Second and Third Year from September 2021) – Friday 3 September, 1.45pm 

Current Third Year (Fourth Year from September 2021) – Friday 3 September, 1.45pm 

Current Fourth Year (Fifth Year from September 2021) – Monday 6 September, 8.30am

Current Fifth Year (Lower Sixth from September 2021) – Friday 3 September, 10.50am 

Current Lower Sixth (Upper Sixth from September 2021) - Monday 6 September, 8.30am

Library Books - Please Return 

All students will need to return their Library Books by Wednesday 30 June, ahead of the Summer Holidays. The Library is open from 8 am to 5.15 pm everyday for you to drop off your books.

Endeavour - No Lunches  

There will be no lunches provided during Endeavour on the 1 and 2 of July. Please can pupils make sure to bring in packed lunches on both of these dates.

Uniform Purchases - A Message from the PTA

OBNO will be in the marquee opposite the Art Department for current parents (new parents have been invited from 10am) on Saturday 3 July, between 11am - 1 pm. 

Parents can purchase all the usual uniform items, as well as items that are not on the website, such as trousers, blouses and sports equipment (trainers, thermal base layers, rugby boots, cricket pads etc). 

Thank you to all the families that have kindly donated uniform over the last few weeks. It is all greatly appreciated but we still need more, especially larger sportswear. Please send in donations as soon as you can. 

Uniform Purchases - A Message from Stevensons 

All schools have been allocated a week for appointments. Stroud and KES have been appointed the week commencing 5 July for appointments at the Bournemouth branch. Stevensons understands that children are still at school, which is why the appointments from the week commencing 28 June are from 4pm until 9pm Monday to Friday, and 9am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday. 

If you cannot make this week, then please do book on any other day with available appointments. The Bournemouth branch have confirmed that they will accept appointments made that fall outside the allocated week. 

We are also offering a walk-in service for anyone that wishes not to make an appointment, from the week commencing 9 August (Sunday only) and then from week commencing 16 August, until the end of summer, along with offering a postal service and Click and Collect service as normal.

Uniform Purchases - A Message from KES

Please plan ahead and purchase uniform (either online or in-store) as early as you can. Despite requests to buy early, Stevensons had a huge stream of requests in late August last year and were unable to fulfil these in time for the start of term. This caused stress for the pupils (and parents) and we would ask that you factor this into early preparations for the return to school.

Summer Concert 

A summer celebration of live music will take place on Monday 5 July at 6pm. This concert has been created by students in the Fourth Year and is a collection of performances that have shaped our year. The concert is for invited guests only who will have an opportunity to hear the Les Miserablés chorus for the very first time amongst a fantastic mix of musical styles, genres and ensembles.

First Year Notices 

No notices this week

Second Year Notices 

No notices this week 

Third Year Notices 

No notices this week

Fourth Year Notices 

No notices this week 

Fifth Year Notices 

No notices this week

Lower Sixth Notices 

Careers Day 

On Thursday 8 July, all Lower Sixth pupils will be attending a tailor-made Careers Day. Please see this letter for more information. 

Upper Sixth Notices 

No notices this week 

Lower School Sinfonia

Ms Hayden is delighted to share three performances from the Sinfonia orchestras: The Great Escape, the theme from Mission Impossible and The Eye of the Tiger. 

Sinfonia is our orchestra that welcomes all members from Grade 1 upwards and rehearse weekly. Although they were not able to perform live for you this year, they hope you will enjoy the below recording until next time.

Summer Term KES Literary Review

Ms Speck, Library Manager and Miss Phillips, Library Assistant, have created the following Literary Review. Click on the image below to read the full issue. From staff and student book reviews, to summer reading recommendations, there's something for everyone in this issue.  

Science and Technology Festival 

From Monday to Wednesday, our biennial Science Festival returned! A fantastic timetable was organised for students, filled with practical events and workshops, covering all aspects of science.

Lower School students attended a ‘Surprising Science’ show with Matt Pritchard in the Dobson Theatre. The show challenged students to think creatively, like both a scientist and a magician, to discover the sneaky scientific secrets behind the most surprising illusions. It was a fantastic show to watch, and Matt Pritchard enthused, motivated and inspired every child in the room!

Fourth Year students this week have been constructing fibre optic lamps from simple LED circuit and fibre optic cable. This activity allows students to apply their technical understanding gained from several topics taught this year, to create a scientifically and aesthetically pleasing lamp they were able to take home and enjoy!

Students have been learning about the aerodynamics of cars, specifically designing the most aerodynamic car shapes as possible. To put them to the test, students used rocket motors to fire the cars down a fixed line to see who has created the fastest and most aerodynamic cars. Brilliant fun! 

The 'Science of the Sound of Music' given by physics teacher Mr Herklots and music teacher Ms Hayden, with help from Sixth Form students was an exploration of how we hear sounds and what makes some notes musical. It included live music and many entertaining and thought-provoking experiments that the Second and Fourth Year audiences enjoyed. 

Members of the KES Character Design Club have created a series of illustrations inspired by sea creatures found in our oceans. Lower School students have combined elements from several animals, either living or extinct, to create their own surreal monsters! They’ve also taken the original Latin names of the sea creatures and merged them to create the names of their new underwater creations. Brilliant designs, and excellent to see cross-curricular learning come to life. Well done all!

Activities Week 

From Monday 14 June to Friday 18 June, we ran an Activites Week for Fifth Year and Upper Sixth students. The week was planned to celebrate students reaching educational mile stones (end of GCSEs and A Levels) and to give them some much needed fun and social time with their peers following assessments.

In case you missed any of the activities, or would like to find out what students got up to, you can read this write up, or access images here


26 June 2021

Spectators at away venues will be determined by other schools' protocols and we will inform parents each week via this Bulletin of any schools that are not allowing spectators.


Cricket Fixtures 

Girls' Cricket v Gordon's School.  

U15A & B; U14A & B; U13A, B & C; U12A, B, C & D

Girls 1st Xi cancelled. No spectators permitted. 

Boys' Cricket v Dauntsey's School

1st; U15 B; U14A & B; U13A & B; U12A & B

Boys 2nd XI & U15A cancelled. 

  1. SPECTATORS – Spectators will be allowed on site from May 17th in line with government regulations. Spectators will not be allowed in buildings unless it is to use the toilets upstairs in the pavilion (at which point masks should be worn). Parents are asked to socially distance around the perimeters of the pitches and not congregate in large groups. Tea/coffee will be served on the balcony of the pavilion.
  1. COLLECTION OF PUPILS FROM DAUNTSEY’S – Pupils from visiting schools (if going to direct to Dauntsey's) should be dropped off and collected from the Pavilion Car Park.

Click here to view timings, locations and schedule for Saturday Sport. In addition, the up-to-date training schedule can be found on Summer Term 2021 Sports Team Training Schedule.


Tuesday 29 June - A Virtual Evening with the Heads of Stroud & KES 

Thursday 1 July & Friday 2 July - Endeavour 

Thursday 8 July - Lower Sixth Careers Day 

Friday 9 July - End of Term