Volume 2 Issue 35

On The Buses  

We reach the end of another exciting week, and I hope that your child has enjoyed their Endeavour experience, regardless of the unfortunately ‘typical’ British Summer weather we have had at times this week. As ever, my sincere thanks go to those many members of staff who put so much time and energy in to organising so many wonderful activities for the pupils.

Today, I want to give parents an important update on our school buses for September. We know how important it is that your children are safe and comfortable on their daily commute. We want to make their KES experience exceptional from the moment they leave home until the moment they return. We have already made it a requirement that all of our buses fulfil the latest EU environmental standards, as sustainability matters greatly to our whole community. From September every KES bus route will also be fully seat-belted, hopefully from day 1 of the school year, or else from as soon as buses currently on order arrive in Southampton. We know that some parents have been concerned that (whilst entirely legal) the use of double-decker vehicles without seat-belts has been needed on some popular routes. Retro-fitting seat belts unfortunately wasn’t possible but our brilliant KETA transport staff have overcome this issue. By working with the transport providers, rare seat-belted double-decker coaches have been sourced for our larger capacity routes. Children will clearly be expected to wear the seat belts at all times. 

In addition, from September, we will be installing a new bus tracker system, accessible through an App on your phone. This will allow parents and school to know exactly where each bus is, vital information in case of delays due to heavy traffic. By swiping their School ID card when getting on and off the bus, we hope eventually to be able to check precisely which children are travelling on a bus at any time, and to allow parents to see this information in real time, enhancing our already extensive range of safeguarding measures for our pupils.

More information on these exciting developments will be communicated by the KETA team in readiness for the new academic year.

Neal Parker

Whole School Notices

End of Term 

Please note that Summer Term ends on Friday 9 July at 3.55 pm. KETA buses will run as normal at 4.10 pm but there will be no late buses.

Start of Autumn Term - September 2021

Please refer to key dates section within this Bulletin for start dates and times for your child, which is dependant on year group. These times may vary if the school is required to COVID test all pupils prior to the start of term. If there is a change, we will communicate with parents in late August. 

First Year Notices 

Language Options 

Please note that all First Year pupils have been allocated to their chosen second Modern Foreign Language option for next year.

Second Year Notices 

No notices this week 

Third Year Notices 

No notices this week

Fourth Year Notices 

Financial Assistance in the Sixth Form 

Please see this letter, regarding financial assistant in the Sixth Form from Mr Parker, Head. 

Fifth Year Notices 

No notices this week

Lower Sixth Notices 

No notices this week 

Upper Sixth Notices 

No notices this week 

Sports Day 

On Friday we were absolutely over the moon to be able to hold our annual Sports Day… and better still, the sun was shining! 

It was a joy to see students letting their hair down and engaging in some friendly, yet competitive games. We are sorry that parents were unable to attend this year, but we did our very best to clap and cheer your son or daughter along in their race or event on your behalf.

We invite you to watch the below video. If you would like to browse the images taken during the day, click here

Sports Day 2021 Results 

Every single student performed at their best, which made for an exciting watch! Lawrence House were named the champions of this year's event, and greater still, many students managed to break historical KES records.  

EventPrevious recordNew Record Set 2021Student
800 metres2 m 29.21 secs, 20162 m 27.8 secsEve, Third Year
Triple Jump8.18m, 20158.40m Hilda, First Year
100 metres12.44 secs, 201412.3 secsOladele, First Year
100 metres12.16 secs, 201512.14 secsJames, Second Year
100 metres12.1 secs, 198912.1 secs (tied)Munashe, Third Year
200 metres23.9 secs, 1968 23.9 secs (tied)Henry, Fourth Year 
HouseSports Day 2021 ScoreRanking
Lawrence House4421
Reynolds House4062
Lake House3613
Sylvester House3334
Capon House3225
Watts House 3116

Science and Technology Festival 

The biennial Science and Technology Festival made a return on Monday 21 June and span three entire school days. The programme offered students a broad range of interactive workshops, interesting lectures and amazing demonstrations, covering all aspects of science and technology.

To find out more information about the festival, and what students got involved in and to see images taken during the festival, click here. 

Upper School Production: Game Over

Mrs Gilmour is so pleased to be able to give families an opportunity to watch our Upper School Production of Mark Wheeler’s hard hitting and inspiring verbatim play ‘Game Over’. Please be aware that the production conveys a powerful story, that some may find highly upsetting.

"I am so proud of the cast of this production which is made up of extraordinarily resilient and hard-working KES students, who faced many challenges in putting on this production during the pandemic. They have had three postponed performances, whole year groups isolating, Zoom rehearsals, creating work that adheres to social distancing and having to adapt to an audience-free filmed performance. They never wanted to cancel the show even though, at times, it looked like an impossible challenge. They all understood the importance of the work they were creating in telling the real life story of Breck Bednar and the social responsibility of the message behind the play. We hope you appreciate the production."

- Mrs Gilmour, Director of Drama

Password: USP21GameOverKES

Summer Jazz Concert 

A fantastic side-by-side jazz concert took place in the Dobson Theatre which featured Swing Band, Big Band and the Senior Jazz Trio. They were privileged to perform alongside the Paul Jordanous ensemble, and workshop with jazz professionals during the afternoon. The pupils learned fantastic jazz techniques and all the tricks of the trade which helped inspire a lively and polished concert. Despite the difficult year, KES jazz enthusiasts were able to continue their path with learning and developing their performance, ensemble and musicianship skills. It was a brilliant event and an inspiration for the audience to enjoy live jazz. Congratulations to all performers! 

The jazz concert can be watched below. 

Co-educational Independent School of the Year Nomination 

We’re delighted to announce that King Edward VI School has been shortlisted for Co-educational Independent School of the Year!

For more information about why we've been nominated, click here.


Thursday 8 July - Lower Sixth Careers Day 

Friday 9 July - End of Term 

Friday 3 September, 1.45pm - Current First and Second Year (Second and Third Year from September 2021) Start of Term 

Friday 3 September, 1.45pm - Current Third Year (Fourth Year from September 2021) Start of Term 

Friday 3 September, 10.50am - Current Fifth Year (Lower Sixth from September 2021) Start of Term 

Monday 6 September, 8.30am - Current Fourth Year (Fifth Year from September 2021) Start of Term 

Monday 6 September, 8.30am - Current Lower Sixth (Upper Sixth from September 2021) Start of Term 

Please can parents and pupils make note of their return to school date for September. Upon return at the specified date and time below, please can all students make their way to group base.