Volume 2 Issue 5


‘Truth’ is much in the news nowadays. It seems more difficult than ever to pin down. It is less concrete, less certain than it once was.

Of course, ‘truth’ has never been entirely easy to define – what seems true to one person is just plain wrong to another. But in an age where ‘alternative facts’ are actively promoted, or when the most powerful people in the country feel able to say that they have ‘had enough of experts’, it seems that the idea of fundamental, universal truth has been abandoned.

In its place come ‘influencers’; opinion formers who shape people’s perceptions of the world by being the loudest voice in the room. Social media, for all its many positive benefits, magnifies this effect. It provides an unregulated ‘free for all’, where the number of ‘likes’ determines the validity of an opinion.

In to this whirlwind comes education. Within our schools, teachers must now go beyond simply laying out the facts. Instead we teach pupils to be discerning and critical: to scrutinise sources and assess their validity. It is a more complicated style of learning, but it is both necessary and ultimately more rewarding.

As John F Kennedy once said: ‘The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth’. In a complex world, it is right that we seek out knowledge and cherish the truth.

And so to an ‘alternative fact’ that arrived upon my desk this week, and which (I admit) inspired these philosophical thoughts. Apparently, I am to enforce full school uniform in our Sixth Form. Blazers instead of suits, school ties and skirts instead of Business Dress. 

What is fascinating about this is that I am absolutely certain that I have never even hinted at it. I know this because I know me… and the idea is diametrically opposed to everything I have always believed. I have on more occasions than I care to remember told anybody who will listen that for me a Sixth Form is the wonderful stepping stone between school and the adult world. A place where our students can access the structures and support network of their younger years, whilst taking on the privileges and responsibilities of adulthood. Part of the experience is in switching from uniform to ‘work wear’ – the smart office clothing we already require of our Sixth Form. This change of attire marks a fundamental change of situation. It is an earned privilege and an outward expression of academic maturity - one I would never set aside.

But a rumour starts, and quickly engulfs the truth. Perception beats reality, ‘influencers’ beat ‘experts’ every time. So let me put it to bed. It isn’t going to happen. And that’s the truth!

Neal Parker

INSET Day - Monday 5th October 

Parents are reminded that Monday 5th October is a INSET Day. Students should return to school on Tuesday 6th October.  

Lockdown Rehearsal 

As part of the School’s Critical Incident planning we will be rehearsing our lockdown procedure with the whole school on Tuesday 6th October, immediately after assembly. These practices are already becoming as routine as the termly fire drills, but something we all hope we never have to use in reality. 


Please be aware that teaching staff have been given the option to not handle exercise books and papers, should they so wish. If this is the case pupils will be asked to submit work electronically and will similarly receive marking and feedback in this way. Other staff are, however, happy to handle books and will be continuing to mark and offer feedback in a more traditional way. Therefore it is possible that some subject books will appear to be marked more often than others. This does not mean, however, that work is not being marked or feedback being given as this will continue for all subjects and by all teaching staff. 

A Message From The Bournemouth Branch of Stevensons 

Please see here a message from the Bournemouth branch of Stevensons, in regards to ordering uniform. 

Keeping Warm in Uniform

As the colder weather comes in and we are ventilating classrooms and spending more time outside, it may be necessary for pupils to wear more layers.

A plain t-shirt or vest worn underneath the shirt is permitted to help pupils stay warm. As per the existing uniform for colder weather, navy v-neck jumpers can also be worn underneath blazers. As has always been the case, whilst School crested hoodies are permitted on the commute to school, they are not to be worn as part of the uniform during the school day. We do recognise, however, that circumstances are different this year and so, whilst we want the children to remain smart but also warm, non-branded and non-crested jumpers will be permitted so long as they are navy blue and v-neck.

Please note that if a pupil wishes to get hold of a school v-neck jumper, part of the standard uniform, then you have several options.

  • Purchase through Stevensons
  • Ask your son/daughter to go to Mrs Paul in the Sports Entrance, who has a stash of approximately 50 OBNO jumpers in various sizes (although lots of 32”) which they are selling for £5. See here
  • Because Stevensons are experiencing supply issues, we are happy that pupils purchase a non-branded plain navy v-neck jumper – two examples can be purchased from Marks & Spencer and John Lewis, and many supermarkets will also stock non-branded school jumpers.

When pupils are in sports kit, please remember that pupils should be wearing only house tops or games tops with tracksuits, as per the uniform regulations.

We are fully aware of the need to keep pupils warm and safe, and at this time feel that the current uniform with a coat as per the uniform policy is sufficient for this.

Uniform for September 2021/2022

As a reminder, amidst frequent hand washing, we are working hard to come up with a newly designed uniform for new starters in 2021, and have undergone pupil, parent and teacher consultations. The new uniform will be required for all Lower School new starters in September 2021, then all members of 1st-4th year for September 2022. We will not ask the 5th year of 2022 to purchase the uniform for one year only. This means that the new uniform will only be needed for current First and Second years in September 2022, and we would like you to be aware of that when contemplating replacements for the current uniform.


Thank you so much to all parents who have donated items of uniform and sportswear since our plea last week. Many pupils have been matched up with new items of sports kit in a COVID-safe way and the system has worked well. We are still short of some sizes of sports kit, especially the bigger sizes, and would be very happy to receive any donations to Reception that parents may have. We have some storm jackets, games and house tops, a small amount of tracksuits with midlayers and LOTS of blazers!

OBNO will be open in its shop in the North Playground for parents to book appointments, on Saturday 24th October. Details on the appointments and how to book will be made available in the next issue of The Bulletin.

Sixth Form Driving Test Notification 

As per the KETA Bus Service Terms & Conditions, if your child is a registered KETA Bus User and you pre-notify us at the start of the current academic year that they might take their driving test, you will not be required to give a full term's notice to cancel their bus place. Please note that we are unable to refund any bus fares already paid if your child successfully passes their driving test mid-term.

Please notify the Transport Administrator by email, no later than 9am on Monday 19 October 2020 if your child plans to take their driving test during this academic year.


Please be aware that Whatsapp changed its rulings in 2018 with regard to minimum age of user, moving it from 13 to 16. We have also become aware of some Whatsapp groups that have been set up within KES for groups of students, and students have been asked to take down these groups. Should you require any further information about the app then please see this link.

Lower Sixth PSHE Day 

All Lower Sixth pupils will take part in a PSHE day on Monday 12th October 2020. Students will be taken off their normal timetable for the day to receive advice from a range of specialist speakers. For more information on the PHSE day see this letter

Toy Appeal Fun Run

First Year

This exciting charity event includes all First Year students and will take place on Monday the 19th of October. Students are asked to dress up in a toy inspired costume and complete a short run all in aid of Scratch Southampton.

This charity provides services which relieve the effects of hardship, disadvantage and poverty for families living in Southampton. The Toy Appeal Fun Run directly funds the purchasing of Christmas presents for these particular families. For further information for costume ideas and how to pay in sponsorship money please click here.

Huge thank you for all your support with this event.

Special Recognition Notice 

We are extremely proud to have such wonderful students and staff that continue to achieve great things academically, in sport, for charity and for our community. As part of our revised ethos and on-going encouragement for our students to flourish in every aspect of their development, we want to make sure we suitably acknowledge these achievements.

From time to time, you can expect to hear about a student, member of staff or parent that has truly 'Flourished'.

One important way that students can flourish is in their own relation to the world. We want all of our students to think compassionately about others, and an excellent example of that was given by Priya in First Year. 

Priya found a ring in the sand of a beach on the Isle of Wight. Priya, convinced she had found something of note, began a detective-like search to reunite the ring with its owner.

Incredibly, Priya and her mother, managed to return the wedding ring to its owner - captured by BBC News.

You can read the full coverage captured by the BBC here. A massive well done to everyone from KES.

Lunch Menu 

To reduce dwell time in the dining room, we've shared the lunch menu for the following week below. Please ensure all students are familiar with the menu ahead of their allocated lunch slot. 

Week 5MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
SALAD BARBowled Tossed Salad w/ ColeslawBowled Tossed Salad w/ Coleslaw
Bowled Tossed Salad w/ Coleslaw
Bowled Tossed Salad w/ Coleslaw
Bowled Tossed Salad w/ Coleslaw



Grated Cheese

Baked Beans 

Garlic Bread

Chicken Torino

Chilli Beef


Grated Cheese 

Baked Beans 

Garlic Bread

Chicken Korma 



Grated Cheese 

Baked Beans 

Garlic Bread 

Sweet Chilli Chicken

Italian Mushroom


Grated Cheese 

Baked Beans

Garlic Bread


Chicken Tikka 


Grated Cheese

Baked Beans

Garlic Bread

SOUPTomato & HerbCream of SweetcornBroccoliCarrot & CuminMushroom
SANDWICHESTurkey Pesto Panini 

Pepperoni Panini

Roasted Veg & Brie  

Chicken Goujon Baguette

Ham & Salad Bap

Mixed Bean & Avo Wrap 

Sweet Chili Quorn Wrap

Spicy Chicken Bap 

BLT Baguette 

Smoked Salmon Bagel

Chicken & Corn Wrap

Cheese & Cucumber Baguette 

Meat Feast Panini

Bacon & Cheese

Cheese & Tomato


Cumberland Sausage Bap

Sweet & Sticky Chicken Fillet 

Cheese & Tomato Pizza

Bacon & Chorizo Pasta Bake 

Beef Burger 

Lamb Navarin 

Chicken Tikka Masala with Naan Bread

Herb Crusted Pork Steak & Mushroom Sauce

Battered Fish
Jumbo Fish Fingers

Cottage Pie 

VEGETARIANMushroom & Pepper Stroganoff Quorn & Vegetable CasseroleVegetable Hot Pot BBQ Quorn Fillet with Peppers Vegetarian Sausages

Green Bean & Broccoli

Spicy Wedges 

Baton Carrots & Peas

Herby Diced Potatoes  

Cauliflower & Sweetcorn


Mixed Vegetables


Mushy Peas

Garden Peas

DESSERTSSteamed Suet Pudding 

Shortbread Biscuit

Jelly Pot 

Mixed Fruit Pot

Apple & Forest Fruit Crumble  


Jelly Pot

Mixed Fruit Pot 

Chocolate Brownie 
Chocolate Sauce 

Raspberry Mousse

Jelly Pot 

Mixed Fruit Pot 

Sticky Toffee Pudding 

Choco Coconut Slice 

Jelly Pot 

Mixed Fruit Pot 

Bakewell Tart

Oat Crunch

Jelly Pot 

Mixed Fruit Pot 

Sports Fixtures

Click on the dates to access full details of each fixture including meeting points and times. Please note, all sports fixtures are susceptible to change.

Saturday 3rd October

Hockey Sevens 

vs. Stroud School

Girls U12C & Girls U12D - Home 

Rugby Union

Internal Matches

Boys U12D, Boys U12C, Boys U12B, Boys U12A, Boys U13D, Boys U13C, Boys U13B, Boys U13B, Boys U13A, Boys U14B, Boys U14A, Boys U15B, Boys U15A, Boys U16B, Boys U16A, Boys 2nd XV, Boys 1st XV – Home

KES Merchandise

The Charities Commission have ordered some of the below branded merchandise. Click the images below to enlarge.