School History

School History

Established in 1554 the school has a rich history which is only touched on here.It has been sited infour locations within the city of Southampton.

Winkle Street

1554 - 1696: Winkle Street
William Capon left money in his will to found a grammar school for poor scholars of Southampton. The King signed the necessary charter in 1553 and the school opened in 1554 in Winkle Street, an unfashionable part of the town, inside the city wall near God's House Tower gate.

Bugle Strreet

1696 - 1896: Bugle Street
In 1696 the school transferred to larger premises not far away in Bugle Street. Isaac Watts briefly attended the school. Head Master James Fewings increased the number of pupils from the 1880s.

Marlands 1896 - 1938: Havelock Road, Marlands
The next move to the prestigious building at Havelock Road (in the Marlands area of Southampton) in 1896 resulted in pupil numbers increasing to over one hundred. A school Cadet Corps existed during the First World War.

1938 - 1939: Wilton Road, Hill Lane
Purpose-built school buildings were constructed at Hill Lane, and were occupied in the summer of 1938.

1939 - 1945: Evacuation to Poole Grammar School
The whole school was evacuated to Poole and the Kellett Road building was occupied by the British Army during the Second World War. Poole Veterans 1935-1945 (edited by John Guilmant) is a collection of letters and memoirs published by the Southampton Old Edwardians Association, 2000.

Hill Lane

1945 to date: Hill Lane
The Duchess of Kent opened the Commemoration Room in 1954. It was built to house the memorials to those Old Edwardians who died during both World Wars. The original building has been extensively enlarged and refurbished in recent years including: the E.P. Abraham Laboratories, the George Gould Libraryand Music Suite, the I.C.T. Suite, the Dobson Theatre, Drama Studios, Art Studios, Sports Hall, Squash Courts and all-weather pitches. The school has recently acquired excellent facilities at the Wellington Sports Ground. The Earl of Wessex visited the school in 2003 as part of the 450th anniversary celebrations.

A 'New' History of King Edward VI School for 2004

The Governors commissioned the then Head of History at KES, Mr. G.T. Darby to write a new history of the school to commemorate the 450th anniversary of its founding.It was published in 2004.

Old Edwardians' Association Publication:King Edward VI School Southampton in the Twentieth Century
John R. Rowthorn, Old Edwardian 1939-1946, has written "King Edward VI School Southampton in the Twentieth Century". The Old Edwardians' Association published this book, subject to demand, in 2003. It recalls the events of the century, recounts day-to-day activities and introduces some of the personalities, masters and boys, who were involved.

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