School History


Sotoniensis documents the impact of the war on the members of the School 'past and present' during the war.  The publication, which at that time was produced three times a year, reviews the implications of the war for all members of the School and Old Edwardians. 

The following pages are extracts from Sotoniensis for the period of the war and immediately after its cessation.  These pages include extracts from letters sent by Edwardians on active service, and illustrate the various emotions that the War produced.  At the same time the publication documents what was going on at KES.  The School's Cadet core features prominently in the magazine as do the sporting results throughout the war, the loss of the annual O.E. dinner for the duration of the conflict and the possibility of female mistresses to replace the masters who had gone to war.

It is evident throughout the Sotoniensis record that it was very difficult to keep an up to date and accurate Roll of Honour.  Many of the editions print updates but at the same time request further information from their readers. Clearly what is not documented are the additional members of the school who were wounded during the conflict.

It should be pointed out that for the duration of the War the School was located at The Marlands.

The style of writing is very typical of the period.  This has not been altered in any way.