School History

Easter 1918

Volume XI Easter 1918 No. 64


What better opening can we find to the "Sotoniensis" than a most sincere wish that the large number of Old Edwardian, now serving their King and Country may soon enjoy the happy days of peace after the trials and hardships which they have suffered?  In such a time as the present our thoughts most naturally turn towards those who are daily risking their lives for us, some of whom we knew at the school and on the playing fields such a short while ago.  The School Roll of Honour continues to increase, and amongst these most recently distinguished are Major V.C. Leckie, who gained the D.S.O. in addition to being mentioned in despatches, and Eng. W.E.A. Masters and H.J. Furminger, and Second-Lieuts. J.A.Mowatt and C.J.M. Whittaker have all received the M.C., whilst Eng. Com. E.E. Barlett has merited the rather unusual distinction of Officer of the Order of the Crown of Italy, as well as being mentioned in despatches.

War Notes

Owen Harper again writes most interesting letters. "One of our corporals was recommended for bravery under fire by the General today.  I was with him at the time.  We were leading the pack-horses for the guns when Fritz put up a fearful barrage of every kind of shell, including gas shells.  We got through and found the way out in the dark without a scratch.  I had a hole knocked through my gas-mask.  It was really a wonderful escape: as we went through an avenue of shells, and our faces and eyes were absolutely smothered with dirt.  The German counter-attack was rather exciting".


W.V. Cavill who has got his captaincy, arrived at the front just in time to take part in the Cambrai advance and unfortunate sequel.  He says the Tanks were splendid.  All his company had to do was to walk in their rear and pick up prisoners.  This they did for five miles.