School History

Midsummer 1919

Volume XII Midsummer 1919 No. 68


Now that the Peace Treaty has been signed, the Empire looks to our secondary and public schools to devote themselves with renewed energies to the task of producing useful citizens of the world.  "Brave and merciful men" are needed now, more than ever before, for the great task of world reconstruction: so let there be no shirkers amongst the men King Edward's School produces, for it is their privilege to be amongst those to whom the world in coming years will look for its leaders.

Early in the term a service was held at St. Mary's Church in commemoration of those Edwardians and Tauntonians who paid the price of our victory with their lives.

Memorial Service

On Tuesday, May 29th, a memorial service was held at St. Mary's Church in honour of those Edwardians and Tauntonians who have fallen in the war.  The choir was composed of masters and boys of the two schools with the Headmaster of Taunton's School at the organ.  The nave of the church was practically filled by past and present boys of the schools, gathered together to honour their fighting dead.  The service was brief, but few can remember anything more impressive.  The lesson, from the Book of Wisdom, was read by Rev. H.T. Spencer; and each of the two Headmasters read the Roll of Honour of his School.  Prayers followed and then the Rev. C.F. Russell delivered a short but inspiriting address.

The hymn "Father, we bring our dead to Thee", sung to the Headmaster's sympathetic setting was followed by Beethoven's Funeral March, and then the clear notes of the "Last Post" and "Reveille" rang through the church.  No one who was present can ever forget the service.