Site Guide

Other School Sites

In addition to the main school site we have several other sites which are used:

KESPAY - this is the payment system used by parents to pay for optional school activities that are not included in the school fees.

Parent Portal - this requires a login and gives information that is specific to that parent - ie their child's reports, grades and timetable information

WebDAV Remote Access to school work and shared documents via Securelink (Formerly My Network Space)

Previous Sites

In addition to the above we also have archive copies of the previous site. This site was last updated on 1st May (NEWS will still feed automatically to it so it may appear to still be current)

And other previous sites

ASSET BANK - this contains a wealth of images that we use in publications and other areas. Much of this is available but some is limited to members of the school and others who have been provide with access (such as printers)

KESMOODLE - this contains learning resources as part of our virtual learning environment (VLE) it uses the Open Source Moodle product as used a many schools and universities across the world. Most course require you to have a valid school user name but a few courses offer guest access.