Sixth Form

Pre reading for Sixth Form

Sixth Form study is a big step up from GCSE and IGCSE, and the Autumn Term of the Lower Sixth can be a pressurised time when much of the groundwork of your A Level courses will be covered. Your pathway into Sixth Form study will be considerably eased if you use a small part of your very long break between GCSE assessments and returning to study to do some preparation for your A Level courses. This will also help you get used to a more independent style of study that you can expect in the Sixth Form, and particularly at university.

Each department takes its own view as to what will benefit you most in terms of preparatory work or pre-reading for their particular subject. The common guideline is that any formal study should take no longer than 8 -10 hours per subject, although obviously general book reading may well take a little longer.

Although you undoubtedly deserve a break, the benefits of this preparatory work are potentially enormous, and it is hoped that since you have chosen your A Level subjects, this is something you won’t find too onerous, and might even enjoy.

Please click on the department links to the left to read what each of your subjects expects you to have accomplished before you join the Sixth Form in September; most departments will test or assess you on your preparatory work. Don’t leave it too late!

Dr Emma Thomas

Director of Sixth Form