Sixth Form

Art & Photography

Art at A level is a wonderful subject to do and I hope the journey you take with us is as creative and fulfilling as possible. The Lower Sixth year is all about experimenting and encouraging you to take risks and getting you think intellectually about what it is to be an artist. We will nurture you to be independent thinkers and will encourage you to talk about your work and the work of others. Life drawing classes will allow you understand the human form and anatomy as well as working quickly and expressively.

This summer you will have lots of time to visit Galleries and to look at Art hopefully because you want to!

The National Gallery in London is just amazing and one the best galleries in the world - from the Renaissance to great works by Picasso. Chose a few favourites to look at - currently art theory is to study a picture for a few hours- full immersion!

Photographers should look at compositions and see how themes and topics can translate. Caravaggio as film maker? Martin Scorsese thinks so... 

The Tate Galleries - Britain and Modern; both wonderful - my favourite is Tate Britain; less tourists and more art! 

The Photographers Gallery, Hayward, Barbican, British Museum - all often have fantastic exhibitions.   Take the train or book a National Express Coach  

Look at Art reviews in the broadsheet newspapers and online articles and blogs and have an informed opinion. Think of what it would be like to create the work you look at and what response you have to it both physically, emotionally, philosophically and technically. Yes , use instagram, tik tok etc but be informed about what you see.

Remember that Art Schools and Architecture courses will be looking for 25% of your portfolio to be self generated eg Not the A level course. 


We would assume that you have done this.

There are a few good books that you might like to consider.

Man with a blue scarf; sitting for a portrait with Lucien Freud by Martin Gayford is fantastic.

It gives both an insight into the way Freud painted but a journey through Art as well.