Sixth Form


6th Form preparation work in Biology

Of course there are many things we could ask you to do over the summer holidays but these tasks are intended to introduce you to a couple of key areas in Unit 1 of Biology and hopefully show you a resource that you will come back to over the course of the two years doing Biology at KES.

Biological Sciences Review is a magazine aimed at A level students. The link for it is found below.

Username - ABioSArchive

Password - student

Centre ID - 15805

Task 1 – The heart cycle

Read the article in Volume 23 issue 1 “In the beat of a heart” then do the following

Write a maximum 1 page summary of the cardiac cycle, make use of the diagrams in the article. This piece of work can be added to your notes. You will tested early on the structure of the heart.

Task 2 – Gene therapy

Read the article in Volume 27 issue 1 “Protein folding principles and problems” and then the article in Volume 24 issue 4 “Gene therapy- are we nearly there yet”.

Research on BSR or elsewhere one example of a genetic disease that is being targeted with gene therapy. Your summary should include what the normal gene does, how the defective gene affects the cell and how gene therapy is being attempted. One page maximum which you should bring with you in the first week of term and be ready to show the teacher who is teaching you Topic 2.

See you in September

Dr Wortham

Finding the right article help!

The website layout has changed a bit but as you scroll down the screen you will see ‘Biological Sciences Review’ and then select the volume and issue you want.  There is enough background reading to last more than 2 years here and can all be searched directly by topics of interest in the search box.