Sixth Form


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LVI Classical Civilisation

Imperial Image (Mrs Meredith)

This unit is about the promotion of the Emperor Augustus' image over the course of his career. It would be helpful if you could read through one of the set written sources, Suetonius' Life of Augustus: you can either borrow the penguin edition of the book from the department or read it on online here:*.html

Here is a short history of the end of the Roman Republic which might help you put the period in context!

You might find it helpful (and enjoyable!) to read I Claudius by Robert Graves, or even to watch the television series if you can get hold of the DVD. You should be able to source the book from your local library or buy a cheap copy from Amazon.

Homer: the Iliad (Mr Halls)

Read Book 22 of the Iliad (you can easily pick up a cheap one from Amazon or use you library or come and borrow one from the department). Below are links to the guide for the Iliad from COURSE HERO, 

LV1 Latin

Cicero (Mr Giles)

Read Stockton Cicero: A Political Biography

If you can get hold of Robert Harris' Imperium Trilogy then they are superb on Cicero's life

Rubicon by Tom Holland is worth reading

Virgil (Mr Halls)

Read Virgil's Aeneid, Book 2