Sixth Form


Doing some pre-reading before studying A Level Economics is of enormous benefit to students. If you haven’t studied Economics at GCSE then it will help you start on a more equal footing with those who have. If you have studied GCSE then it is an excellent opportunity to read around the subject, and to appreciate that whilst many of the concepts are common to GCSE and AS Level, the level of analysis required for the latter is much greater.

Students preparing to study the A Level course are required to download or print out the department reading list, read all the way through it, and then choose at least one book from the list to read. Nearly all of these are in the School library, or available to buy for less than £10. You must bring a short synopsis of the book and what you thought of it (250 – 500 words) with you to your first lesson.

Students must also look through and prepare for an introductory test based on the following two sets of notes. There are 14 pages of notes for Microeconomics and 5 pages for Macroeconomics. You are advised to look at Microeconomics first.