Sixth Form


Welcome to the German A-Level course!

We are really looking forward to teaching you in the Sixth Form and hope that you are looking forward to it, too. To help you prepare for some of the exciting things we will study, here are some ideas to keep your German up to date and get ready for the course.

1. Keep up to date with events in Germany

Read up on the German news by looking over articles and listening to reports.  A good place to start is the Helles Köpfchen website, designed especially for young people, and you could also have a look at Deutsche Welle, which has reading and listening activities to stretch the keenest learners!

2. Learn the verb forms from Irregular Verb List document

These will really help you to get to grips with German grammar next year and you will need to know and use them throughout the course - we will have a test on them in September!

3. Recap your IGCSE vocabulary and grammar

Use Quizlet to stay on top of all the vocabulary you have met at IGCSE, as you will start to build on this quickly in the Lower Sixth. Make sure that you use Languages Online as well to go over key grammar such as tenses, cases and adjective agreements.

Use the links below to practise tenses and iron out any common language errors: