Sixth Form


A level music is a choice rich with performance and composition opportunity. In preparation for the OCR course we recommend you brush up your Grade V theory skills and make sure you are undertaking regular instrumental or vocal practise. You will need to ensure you have an instrumental teacher firmly in place for the start for the course, someone who knows you are taking A level music and can advise on repertoire choices along the way. We would also advise you to attend concerts and ensure you are comfortable with orchestral music and score reading. 

Pre A level Music Reading:

A Very Short Introduction to Music by Nicholas Cook published by OUP

What is music? How is it constructed? How is it consumed? Why do you enjoy it at all? Nicholas Cook invites you to really think about your own musical experiences in order to think more critically about the roles of the performers and the listener, about music as a commodity and an experience, what it means to understand music, and the values we ascribe to it.

Podcasts are also a great way to get your curiosity started and we would recommend:

  • The Listening Service (BBC Radio 3)
  • The Classical Life (BBC Radio 3)
  • Geoffrey Smith's Jazz (BBC Radio 3) 

Pre A level Music Listening:

Listen to these musical works to get yourself comfortable and engaged with the music we study. You can find tracks on You Tube or Spotify and some scores to follow using imslp. 

  1. Duke Ellington: KoKo 
  2. Charlie Parker: Ornithology
  3. Miles Davis: So What
  4. Horace Silver: Song For My Father
  5. Mendelssohn: Fingal's Cave Op.26
  6. Tchaikovsky: Romeo And Juliet
  7. Smetana: Vltava

To discuss any pre course questions please contact Mr Eadon, Director of Music: