Sixth Form



Before beginning your Physics A-level there are three tasks you need to complete over the summer break:

Task 1 - IsaacPhysics website questions

Over the course of your Physics A-level you will study a wide range of topics and undertake many experiments. Some of the fundamental skills required for these topics and experiments in Physics are listed below.

  • Manipulation of algebraic formulae.
  • Interpretation and analysis of graphical data.
  • Correct use and conversion of units.

The "IsaacPhysics" website ( has an abundance of practice material for any aspiring physicist.

Before you begin lessons in September you should register yourself with the website (This is best done with your school kesgmail account) and join the class I have setup by using this link , or by entering the code “THLX2A” to the teacher connections section in your account page. Then work through the following sets of questions on the website which are set as assignments within the class on Isaccphysics:

  1. A1 - Using and Re-arranging Equations
  2. A2 - Derived and Base SI Units
  3. A5 - Gradients and Intercepts of Graphs
  4. A6 - Equations of Graphs
  5. A7 - Area under the line on a graph

Feel free to do more questions if you would like. Especially if you aspire to study Physics or Engineering at university.

Task 2 – A book or film review.

Find a popular Physics book such as Death from the Skies!, or a science fiction film such as Dune (2021) - IMDb, and write a 500 word review.

For the book you should summarise what you have learnt in a clear and concise manner and also give your opinion on how well the author communicated their ideas. I would like to produce a student led reading list for Upper School students and future sixth formers so you should aim your review at a student of that level.

Should you choose a science fiction film to review, the focus of your report should be on the accuracy (or not in most cases…) of the physics you see portrayed in the film. You should aim your review at an audience of Upper School students.

Your reviews should be ready to submit to your teacher in the first lesson of the Autumn term and you should have a digital and print copy ready.

Task 3 – Follow @KESPhysics1905 the KES Twitter account.

Following the Physics departments twitter account will help you keep up to date with interesting news in Physics which will help with your broader understanding of the topic as a whole and could be potentially useful for future university interviews.

Mr Simm