Sixth Form


If you’re thinking of doing Spanish at A Level here are some things that might help you focus your mind for the beginning of the course in September:

· Go to the school website and click on Resources, Subjects, Spanish, Student Resources and then have a quick look at the AQA A level Spanish section. It will give a taste of the sort of topics you will be dealing with in the next couple of years. Click on the Gramática icon and you will find a good number of practice exercises to get on with. Practice your verb tenses in particular. If you don't have access to the website you can find a myriad of grammar exercises to practice with on the Internet.

· Watch a Spanish film and write a review of about a page (in Spanish) where you comment on the story, the characters, the setting and your personal opinion. The Spanish department has a good number of dvds which you can borrow (sign them out in the book please) before the end of term. Netflix has a good number of films and series in Spanish too or perhaps you would like to own your first Spanish dvd! Amazon has really good offers.

· Do some research into a Spanish or South American region and produce a presentation/power point (in Spanish) to show the rest of the class in September. You could think about the region in a number of terms: geography, people, history, industry, festivals and anything else that maybe specific to the region.

· Make sure you do some reading in Spanish. Go to the Internet and have a go at some of the newspapers/magazines available. These are just some ideas: