Sport at KES

Selection for Sports Fixtures

There are two different types of inter school fixtures and the selection for these follows clear guidelines.

Inter school weekend block fixtures:      The primary objective for these fixtures is to encourage students to develop towards achieving their potential and learning from a competitive environment whilst also enjoying sporting participation with their peer group. Teams for these matches will be selected from students within the school age group of the fixture.  Players from outside of age group will only be selected if they are needed to ensure that the fixture can go ahead.

Inter School Cup Fixtures:    The primary objective in cup competition is for the school team to progress as far as possible within these competitions whether they be on a county, regional or national level.  The teams for these competitions will be selected to field the strongest team possible from all eligible students irrespective of year group.  Selection will be on merit.

Where selection for a game results in students missing academic lessons they will require approval from the Head of Year.

Selection of Captain:    Members of staff with responsibility for teams will base decisions on captaincy on a range of factors which may include leadership capability and amount of sporting experience.  

All members of staff will be very happy to provide reasons for selection to students and students are encouraged to ask staff if they have any queries about any particular selection.