Sport at KES

First XI Hockey Team 2012

The First XI Hockey Team 2012 results:

V Pangbourne Pre-season (KES win 7-0).

V Portsmouth Grammar School Pre-season (KES win 3-0).

V Old Edwardians XI (KES win 3-2).

V Bath University 3rd XI (KES win 11-1).

V Monkton Combe School (KES win 4-1).

V Portsmouth Grammar School (KES win 2-1).

V Pangbourne College (KES win 6-0).

V Chichester College (KES win 3-0).

V Bryanston School (KES win 4-3).

V St Georges College (KES lost 4-2).

V Hurstpierpoint College (KES won 1-0).

V Churchers College (KES won 2-1).

V Wellington School (KES won 6-1).

V Dauntseys (KES lost 4-1).

National Schools' Competition

V Churchers College National Schools' County Quarter Final (KES won 2-1).

V Lord Wandsworth College National Schools' County Semi Final (KES won 6-1).

V Portsmouth Grammar School National Schools' County Final (KES won 1-0 from Tournament).

Hampshire Cup Tournament Results:

Pool Stages

V HCS (KES win 4-1)

V Churchers College (KES win 3-0)

V Brockenhurst College (0-0)

Semi Final

V Chichester College (KES won 4-0)


V Portsmouth Grammar School (KES won 1-0)

KES 1st XI are County Cup Tournament winners.

Regional Hockey Tournament

V Bloxham School (Drew 1-1)

V Hurstpierpoint College (KES lost 4-1).

V St Georges College (Drew 2-2).



Senior girls’ hockey team 2011-12

It was a delight to work with such a talented, committed and enthusiastic squad this year that always ensured they set an exemplary example to the rest of the Girls’ Hockey teams at the School. The season started with plenty of pre-season training and then we went to Pangbourne College to play 4 of their senior teams, each with slightly different formations. It was clear from the start that this senior squad were prepared to work hard and have lots of fun along the way. We had a large squad this year of 24 players and this was consistent throughout the year, having all girls out at training on a regular basis. This meant that we had a large pool of players to choose from which is necessary, especially when we seemed to be an “injury prone” team this year. The team was exceptionally led by Frankie Dukes who did an outstanding job as Captain and she set the tone right from the start. Sophie Bentley was Vice Captain and she definitely helped with the group cohesion, making sure that all girls worked together as a unit. We had two new players join the King Edward Team this year in the form of Jemima Dunnet and Rosie Harper. These girls proved to have an excellent season and were clearly valued by their peers. Rosie was awarded Player of the Season and Jemima was awarded the Players’ Player of the Season. Jemima also won the Most Improved Player of the Season, along with Alice Neilson. I was also delighted to see how many girls that coached and helped with younger teams at the School.

It was a real delight to see the progress the girls played throughout the course of the season and the main highlight was being crowned Hampshire County Tournament winners. This is a real tribute to the excellent spirit and dedication that the team insisted on bringing to their game. These girls were an absolute pleasure to work with and they really do set an excellent example to all senior teams to follow.  

Miss Campbell


Pangbourne College Pre-Season:

Drew 1-1

Lost 2-0

Lost 2-0

Won 1-0

Regular Fixtures

PSC (Lost 4-2)

KES Witley (Won 7-0)

Ryde (Won 4-0)

Pangbourne College (Won 4-1)

Bryanston (Lost 5-2)

HCS (Lost 2-0)

St. Georges College (Lost 4-1)

PGS (Lost 2-0)

LWC (Lost 1-0)

Churchers College (Drew 1-1)

Seaford College (Won 2-0)

Dauntseys (Drew 0-0)

KES U16 (Won 2-0)

National Cup Fixtures

Brockenhurst College (Won 3-0)

PSC (Lost 2-1)

Hampshire Cup Tournament

Churchers College (Won 2-0)

LWC (Won 2-0)

HCS (Won 1-0)

PGS (Drew 0-0)

Brockenhurst College (Won 2-0)

Chichester College (Won 2-0)

KES finished in 1st position and were therefore crowned Hampshire Tournament winners.

Squad: Frankie Dukies ©, Ria Rhodes, Hannah Kaye, Ella Hall, Jemima Dunnet, Sophie Bentley, Alice Neilson, Rosie Harper, Liberty Roberts, Hannah Larkin, Ellie Stephens, Jenny Swinn, Alicia McDowell, Ellie Glew, Jo Meacher, Olivia Ellis, Anna Clark, Annie Clarke, Sarah Barnfield, Lucy Sharp, Anna Roberts, Steph Bull, Beth Buxey-Softley and Lucy Morgan.