Sport at KES

Under 12 Hockey Team 2012

Under 12 Hockey Team Results:

V Portsmouth Grammar School (A Team lost 5-0), (B Team lost 8-0), (C Team KES won 2-1) and (D Team drew 0-0).

V Ryde School (Drew 1-1).

V Portsmouth High School (Won 10-0).

V HCS (A team won 6-0 and B team won 9-0).

V West Hill Park (won 7-0).

V St Georges College (A Team lost 5-0 and B Team lost 10-0).

V Churchers College (KES lost 2-1).

V Kings (KES won 6-0 and 6-2).

V Dauntseys (KES won 1-0).

KES Under 12 Internal Tournament

Saturday 20 October saw 21 excited hockey players compete in this innovative tournament. Earlier in the week they were put into equal ability teams and captains were appointed. The girls were then given sole responsibility for kit colours, positions, warm up, and tactics. This required responsibility, co-operation and good communication skills, which the girls displayed in abundance, both before and during the tournament.

The coaches provided administration and umpiring support only, enabling them to assess progress made to date. Each participant received an obligatory penguin biscuit, and the winners were presented with medals and the coveted prize of "Celebrations" chocolates; a fitting finale to an extremely successful morning, and a very good reason to play hockey at KES!


U12 2011-12

The annual KES ‘Intro to hockey and find 5 friends’ day was as successful and beneficial as ever, with a good complement of new First Years attending. By the end of the very hot day, all the girls had forged new friendships, and even learnt a bit of hockey.

As with last year, a great number of enthusiasts attended mid-week training with more than the usual interest in goal keeping! With the new acquisition of our ‘Hockey Coach-in-residence’ Mr. Peel, we were able to provide that extra expertise in all aspects of the game.

We were extremely unlucky not to have gained more victories this year. The goals just seemed to evade us! In general, we defended strongly, but could not score. The results against our two rivals, St. Georges and PGS, certainly did not reflect the endeavour the girls displayed and against PGS particularly, the A team did everything but put the ball over the goal line. This bodes well for the coming years!

The weather remained unseasonably fine, with just the odd cold snap causing some shivers at practice! The girls have improved remarkably over these last four months; a testimony to themselves as learners.

Finally, many, many thanks go to Mr. Peel, and ‘Santa’s little helpers’: Ria Rhodes (Upper Sixth), Ellie Stephens (Lower Sixth), Abbi Searle and particularly Hannah Larkin (Fifth Year). They are a credit to the School and have been invaluable.

Hip hip hooray for the U12s!

V Talbot Heath 7-a-side A 5-0, B 3-1

V HCS 7-a-side A 1-1, B 9-0

V Westbourne House 7-a-side A 0-6, B 7-0

V Norman Court U13s 7-a-side A 1-7, B 5-2

V Farleigh 7-a-side 8-0

V Ryde U13s 0-3 – score does not reflect parity of sides

V St Georges 7-a-side A 0-4, B 0-5 – scores do not reflect parity of sides

V PGS 7-a-side A 0-5 B 3-4 – score does not reflect parity of sides

V King’s School 4-0

V Churchers 2-3

V Portsmouth High School Cancelled

V Dauntseys 2-0

KJ and Mrs Williams