Sport at KES

Regional Success for Girls' Hockey 2012!

Congratulations to the following girls who have achieved exceptional hockey success.

Abigail Searle reached Hampshire U18 JRPC this year having played for the Hampshire U17 team last season. Liberty Roberts got through the JRPC rounds to the Under 18 Regional Tier 1 Eastleigh Leopards Squad as did Gina Steel and Hannah Larkin at U17 level. Hannah Kaye, Natalie Thomson and Ellie Gilbert were selected for U16 JRPC Tier 1 level as was Yvie Lock for the Tier 1 U15 JRPC competition and Freya Wilks for the Tier 1 U14 JRPC competition.

Congratulations to Yvie Lock who has been selected from Tier 1 U15 JRPC competition to go through to the next stages at HIPAC.