Sport at KES


A strong pre-season camp in August saw the senior players in good shape as they headed into the regular fixture card. Before term started we hosted the South Coast Kings Tournament at our Wellington Sports Grounds and competed well to finish the competition as Plate finalists. In the first half term disaster struck with the loss, through injury, of such influential players as Nick Hepworth and Henry Waring; this would leave us having to up-skill a player to play in the front row; stand up Dom Staniforth. Even with relatively low numbers in the 6th Form, we managed several 1st XV and 2nd XV games – this was as a result of the willingness of the amazing U16 squad to play at senior level; I will forever value their courage in this regard. The second half of the season brought some terrific opposition; not simply in regards to their playing standards but also in the care and patience of their Heads of Rugby to accommodate, at times, our inability to contest the scrummage. There were some notable performances as a team; Lord Wandsworth College and Seaford College were among two of the best 1st XV games I have witnessed in recent years. There must also be a mention to players such as Dom Payne and Mike Magier who played with nothing less than 100% effort and determination in every game. Lastly, the leadership of Filippo Hall [2nd XV] and Will Thompson 1st XV] meant that my job almost became ancillary; they were truly incredible.

Name of coach: Lloyd Powell / Alex Penn

Squad List: *Will Thompson, *Ben Millar, *Oliver Viant, *Jake Rowland, *Scott Olive, Jamie Cook, *James Webb, *Dom Payne, *Michael Magier, Oliver Jones-Hughes, Ben Pearce, *Archie Millar, Andrew Crawford, *Adam Lock, Daniel Leake, *Henry Waring, *Edward Dawson, John Naoum, *Dominic Staniforth, Robert McFarlane, Henry Gwilliam, Angus Armstrong, Hugo Wybourne, Filippo Hall, Sam Thompson, Michael Shenouda, Nick Hepworth, Luke Collins, Jai Mew, Rufus Beck, Will Barker, Edward Kellett, Toby Reid, Josh Golledge, Henry Tudor

*Denotes an awardee of School Colours.

Player of the Season: Oliver Viant

Most Improved Player of the Season: Dom Payne

Parent(s) of the Season: The Dawson’s, The Cook’s, The Thompson’s, The Miller’s, The Olive’s and the Viant’s.

Game(s) of the Season: Lord Wandsworth College / Seaford College