Sport at KES

Sports Tours

Sports tours are an important element of developing and extending a student's sporting experiences.  The opportunity to play against and mingle with players from different sporting and cultural backgrounds broadens a students horizons.

A number of long haul tours for our senior students have left the KES gates in recent years; a round the world multi sports tour, rugby in Canada, netball in Jamaica, hockey in South Africa and cricket in Sri Lanka to name but a few.

In addition a number of short haul and domestic tours and camps have been organised for our younger athletes which have been of great benefit to their sporting development and performance in subsequent seasons.  U13 netball to Belfast, U13 cricket to Menorca, U14 rugby to France, U15 boys and girls hockey to Holland are examples of some of these recent trips. 

Both long haul and shorter trips are firmly part of the touring calendar and the plan for future long haul sports tours can be found here.