Sport at KES

The road back to Southampton (via Bahrain)

So we made it to Tokyo for the Olympics and we made it to Melbourne for the Australian Open Tennis Championships... but can we make it back home via Bahrain for the start of the F1 season by the end of term?! 

It's the final leg now, so let's dig deep and get submitting those distances!

We would like all members of the KES community to record any distances covered as part of an exercise session to see whether we can cumulatively make it to Melbourne. Of course, there needs to be a bit of competition so we will be seeing whether the staff, the parents or the students cover the most distance and also which student year group makes the biggest contribution.

Currently its the parents leading the pupils who are ahead of the staff.  The Lower 6th are still the leading student year group.

Calculating your distance:

Many people will use smart watches, fitness trackers, treadmills, etc. which give a distance (km please) that you can use to input.  

If you do a fitness class that records steps, or are on a spinning bike with no distance measure, this is not so easy.  To give an approximate distance please use the following:

Fitness Classes: 

Adult: 1 step = 0.75m so calculate (No. of steps x 0.75) to give your distance

U16: 1 step = 0.60m so calculate (No. of steps x 0.60)  to give your distance

Spinning Bike: 

Calculate distance using 15km/h    i.e. a half-hour spin session will cover 7.5km

If you have another form of exercise where distance calculation is not straightforward please do your best to make a reasonable guestimate. 

To record your distance, click on the link below to complete the form.

Click here to add your distance

Students and staff click here to view the distance we've travelled so far 

Distance updates will be given in each week's bulletin so parents can see how much progress has been made and which group are leading.