Trips and Visits

Booking conditions

Please be aware that  students must be members of King Edward VI School at the time of departure. Those leaving the U6 or 5th Form in July 2022 will be eligible.

1. The price of your expedition and surcharges payable to Operation Wallacea

Whilst we reserve the right to amend prices upwards or downwards at any time, it is our policy to offer expeditions at a clear and firm price. However, the factors that may force us to surcharge you include government action, changes to the cost of currency or fuel.

2. If you need to change or cancel your booking with Operation Wallacea

All money collected will be refundable until the trip is confirmed or if it is cancelled by Operation Wallacea or the School. Once we are committed to the trip then the following will apply.

If individuals within the booked group cancel, others can replace them from the school with no cancellation charges applicable.

If alternatives cannot be found cancellation will involve the loss of the deposit and the following additional charges:

Period before departure

Additional charge
(% total cost)


31 December 2021


1 January -

28 February 2022


1 March -

30 April 2022


1 May  -

start of expedition


Please note that Operation Wallacea require written confirmation by post or email of any cancellation and the cancellation will take effect from the day the written confirmation is received by Operation Wallacea.

3. Payments to agencies other than Operation Wallacea

We will pay for flights in full as soon as possible in order to avoid price rises. It is unlikely that this will be refunded by the airline. If a replacement can be found we will retain the cost of changes to tickets.

If we cannot obtain a refund from other agencies we will also retain funds to cover these costs and shared overheads if a refund would mean higher costs for the remainder of the party.

4. If Operation Wallacea changes or cancels your booking

We reserve the right to amend certain aspects of your itinerary at any time in line with the overall objectives and context of the expedition. In the unlikely event of Operation Wallacea deeming travel to your particular destination unsafe for any reason, more than 3 months before departure, we will provide a suitable alternative. As a result we are unable to refund any monies, beyond the conditions outlined above. We undertake not to cancel any expedition closer than 3 months to the expedition start date unless in exceptional circumstances such as war, riots, civil strife, industrial action so severe that alternative transport and accommodation cannot be provided, terrorist activity, natural and nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, technical problems with transport and similar unforeseeable circumstances where compensation payments cannot be made.


1. The behaviour of students on similar expeditions has been exemplary, as we would expect. However a trip like this relies heavily on mutual trust between students and staff.

2. We will be a long way from home and when we set out we need to be confident that the behaviour of any student will not jeopardise the enjoyment or safety of others and that he or she will be a good representative of the school.

If, between now and the start of the expedition, a student develops a particularly poor record of behaviour such that we do not feel confident that they will respond sensibly to the direction of trip leaders, and after consultation with the Year Head and Head, they will be removed from the party. It is unlikely that any payments made would be refunded in these circumstances.

Please understand that the school regulations apply whenever a pupil is on a trip and that, accordingly, no student may participate in a trip with the School unless he or she is a current member of the School. Pupils finishing their Upper Sixth or Fifth year are considered to be a member of the school until the end of the expedition.

3. Please be aware that the contract signed when joining the school is applicable on any school related venture.

Any student who misbehaves on the trip may be given a warning and may not be allowed to participate in certain activities if the leader feels it to be necessary.

If the leader feels it to be appropriate a pupil may be sent home because of their behaviour. If any student behaves in a manner that warrants their return to the UK then their parents would bear the expense of their child’s repatriation expenses and also for those of the member of staff who would need to accompany them.

4. The expedition is non-selective but students must be members of King Edward VI School at the time of departure.