At King Edward VI School we believe that smart School attire is an essential part of our ethos. In this section, you will find details on our uniform expectations, policies and uniform supplier, Stevensons. 

Occasionally, a pupil may not meet our uniform expectations. If this is the case, a member of the Pastoral Team may issue the pupil with a uniform report to encourage them to take pride their appearance.

School Uniform Information for First (Year 7) to Fifth Year (Year 11)

A new uniform will be available and compulsory for new starters from September 2022. 

The uniform changes have been made in consultation with staff, parents and pupils, who have provided feedback and thoughts throughout the process. Full information on the new uniform can be found in the below document, which also outlines how the additions will be phased across the School. It will be compulsory for all members of the School from September 2024. 

The sports kit has not changed and there are no plans afoot to make any changes.

School Uniform Information for Sixth Form

The dress code for all Sixth Form is as follows:

  • A suit in any colour or material.
  • Formal business dress – A jacket and tailored trousers, or a tailored skirt.
  • For boys, a collared shirt and a tie.
  • For girls, a collared blouse/shirt or a suitable top.
  • A jumper that fits under a jacket may be worn. Jumpers should not be chunky or made of fleece material, should not have any graphic prints or oversized logos, or have hoods.
  • Suitable formal, leather shoes.
  • Jewellery, if worn, should be discreet.

The Sixth Form Uniform Policy can be viewed here.

Sport Uniform Information for Sixth Form - June 2022 Update 

A consultation was recently held between Sixth Form pastoral staff and student representatives from the Sixth Form to discuss Sixth Form dress code; with one element being the current sports uniform. 

It was agreed that Sixth Formers should appear smarter when wearing their sports kit around school and at fixtures. In addition, Sixth Form students were very clear that they wanted to be different to the rest of the school, which staff were supportive of. 

Therefore the school is introducing a Sixth Form specific sports kit for the next academic year (2022-23). This will consist of a choice of track suit bottoms and choice of top, and will be required by any student who wishes to, or has the need to, wear sports kit around school and for those who are representing the school at fixtures. It will not be required for students whose only physical activity is doing sport in their games lesson and who only wear their business dress around School. The exact design of the sports uniform is being finalised and the new kit should be available for purchase by October. The Sixth Form have also requested other additional items as part of the sports kit, but these will be optional. 

Further details and guidelines will be shared with parents and students via The Bulletin in September 2022. Stevensons will also clearly display the sports kit, including essential items (track suit bottoms and top) and the optional items (tbc).