Outgrown But Not Outworn (OBNO) Shop

Due to the pandemic OBNO have changed how they operate. OBNO items are currently available to purchase from https://kes-obno.square.site/

For enquiries please contact PTA-OBNO@kes.hants.sch.uk

This shop is open to parents (and run by parent volunteers) for the purchase of previously worn school uniform items.

 We would very much like to receive any new stock and would be very interested in anyone who could spare a small amount of time to volunteer. 

The PTA raises money by selling Outgrown But Not Outworn (OBNO) items of school uniform donated by parents. Not only does this raise funds it also reduces waste, encourages reuse and also supports families financially as well. Monies raised are donated to the PTA for projects which benefit the pupils. Look at the PTA section for more details of current projects.

Donations are always welcome, however uniform should be the current uniform, clean and in a good condition. Items for resale should be placed securely in a bag and dropped at Reception by your child. OBNO's best quality stock is available to purchase online at https://kes-obno.square.site/. All orders received by Thursday 9pm will be available for your child to collect from Reception on the Monday morning. The shop may have additional stock, including sports equipment, shirts and trousers, so do email enquiries for anything you cannot find in the online store. In addition the shop opens at various dates throughout the school year which are advertised in the school newsletter. A pricelist is available below.

The OBNO shop is manned by parent volunteers. We are always looking for more parent volunteers to help with collecting clothes, sorting them and/or selling them. If you feel you can spare an hour or two a term, please contact us on PTA-OBNO@kes.hants.sch.uk

*Older stock received when a small rebate was offered on higher priced items will still receive that on items sold by the end of July 2021