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A Level Results Day

A LEVEL RESULTS DAY: Thursday 18th August (2022).  Results are available to be collected in person from 8.30am.

Please come into school to collect your results and remember that the Higher Education Team will be available for one-to-one guidance about offers and acceptances, 'Clearing' and 'Adjustment' during the Post Results Clinics.

Please proceed to the marquees on the main field through the Wilton Road pedestrian gate to collect your results.  If you wish to attend the Post Results Clinic, please enter the School via the Atrium and make your way up to the Concourse.

Please observe any social distancing and personal safety procedures that may be in place on the day.

Students are reminded to update their contact details on Track (if they have changed) before leaving for School, in case universities need to contact them.

Times for the Post Results Clinics are listed below:





August 18th

8.30am - 13.00pm


2.00pm - 4.00pm



August 19th

9.00am - 13.00pm


2.00pm - 3.30pm


Some initial advice about Results Day is provided within the Leaver's Booklet. However, each case will need to be considered individually and for this reason, our HE & Careers staff will be available for personal consultation at the times above. This service is offered 'face-to-face' and is not available via email or telephone.  

A Level results and university places:

Applicants who have met the conditions of their firm choice will be placed there (UF). Track will display a confirmation letter confirming their place. The letter will advise the applicant if they need to take any further action.

Applicants who are not confirmed at their firm choice, but meet the conditions of their insurance choice, will be placed at their insurance choice (UI).

Applicants who have not met the conditions of their offer:

  • may still be accepted by the university or college, and may need to wait a few days for them to make a final decision. (The university or college may be waiting for some additional information.)
  • may be given a change of course, date of entry, or point of entry offer, which will be shown in Track. Applicants are not obliged to accept this. Track will display a Confirmation Change letter (AS12C) outlining the available options when all Confirmation decisions are made. They must then accept or decline the change. Applicants only have five calendar days to reply to a course change offer.
  • Have the option of going through Clearing

Applicants are expected to honour the Confirmation commitments.  However, should an applicant find they no longer wish to take up their confirmed place, they can release themselves from the university by going through Track.  Applicants may also withdraw from the UCAS application system completely through Track.

UCAS Exam Results Helpline: 0808 100 8000


All students who leave us, having completed their Sixth Form education, are provided with an electronic copy of the Leavers’ booklet. This is included in the Bulletin at the beginning of the Summer Term and is available here.

We very much hope that Leavers will keep in touch via the Edwardians site and let us know if there are any changes to their destination at university.

As is made clear in your Leavers' Booklet, you have a vast resource to draw upon in the Edwardian body. Use linked-in and our own facebook links - especially if you need to look for internships in the future.

There is a wealth of practical advice available to you via the UCAS web pages all aimed at helping you adjust to independent living. For advice about money, accommodation, or any difficulties you might experience, look at the various UCAS TV tutorials and browse the relevant sections.

Post Qualification Applications Help

For those many students who decide to apply after they have taken their examinations (Post Qualification Application or PQA), the school continues to support them through the process and a guide, including the current ‘BUZZWORD’, is provided within the Leavers’ Booklet to help them make their application.  Please see the PQA information on the relevant pages of the website.

Advice for A Level Results Day

For information and advice on Clearing and Adjustment, please see the Leaver's Booklet and details above.