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Adjustment is a UCAS system that exists for those students who have accepted a university place, based on predicted grades, but who then do much better than expected.  These candidates may be able to secure a 'better' place at a different university.  

How to secure a place through Adjustment:

Applicants who meet and exceed the conditions of their conditional firm (CF) choice have the option to try to find an alternative place through Adjustment, while still holding their original confirmed offer.

Adjustment is open from 13-31st August. During this time, students can register for Adjustment in Track. They then have five days to secure an alternative place. If they don’t manage to do this, they remain accepted at their original confirmed place.

A brief summary of Adjustment:

• It is optional.

• Adjustment allows applicants to seek an alternative course without losing their secured place.

• The Adjustment process runs from 0900 on 13 August until 31 August.

• An applicant has five calendar days to use Adjustment, from 13 August or the day their status changes from CF to UF.

• If an applicant registers for Adjustment in error, please advise them not to worry and not to take any further action. When the five day period is over, their original place will remain unchanged.

• There are no Adjustment vacancy lists. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact a university or college to discuss an Adjustment place.

• To secure an Adjustment place, the applicant must have received an alternative offer through UCAS before the five day period ends.

• If an applicant does not receive an alternative place, they remain accepted at their current university or college.

Applicants who are in Adjustment who contact providers should make it clear whether they are enquiring or agreeing to accept an offer, as if the applicant is claimed in Clearing, they will not be able to retain their previous UF choice.