University and Careers

Popular courses at university outside the curriculum

In addition to all the support provided by our deliberately small and dedicated tutorial system and the subject-specific provision made by academic Heads of Department, students looking at courses which fall outside of the A level curriculum can link into specialised support.

Mrs Thomas runs Medsoc and supports all students thinking of applying to read Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science/Medicine. Mr Blow and Mr Simm look after students thinking of doing Engineering; Mr Piggott provides specialists help for all prospective Architects; Mr Sheppard helps those going into Business or Finance; whilst Mrs Thomas offers advice for those thinking of reading Law.

LVI students are also advised to attend the KES Career lunches on their specific area of interest, sign up to dedicated subject websites such as, carry out relevant work experience and attend summer schools or taster sessions wherever possible to learn more about their intended area of study.