University and Careers


In addition to all the support provided by our deliberately small and dedicated tutorial system and the subject-specific provision made by academic Heads of Department, students looking at courses which fall outside of the A level curriculum can link into specialised support.

  • Practical help with applicatiosn
  • Careers lunches with local practitioners and potential employers
  • Work placements and shadowing
  • Law Soc
  • University Open Day visits to engineering departments
  • Seminars explaining the additional admissions test for Law, the LNAT
  • Advice on routes into Law / conversion courses
  • Access to ‘Lawyer2B’ Journal
  • Law prize
  • Debating Society

Key statistics: 98% of our applicants for Law achieve their CI or CF place.

Law as a Career: Most students who feel they wish to pursue a career in law will face the decision of whether to take a direct university route to the LLB or whether they wish to take a non-vocational degree before ‘converting’ to a professional qualification after graduation. Both routes would normally lead to a training contract or pupillage after the BPTC rather than direct employment. In addition, the growing number of higher and degree apprenticeships available in law now provide a very attractive alternative to a university degree and should perhaps be explored alongside university applications. Equally, students need to be guided to consider the particular branch of law that most attracts them.

The HE & Careers Centre: Keeps a very good stock of information regarding professional training, undergraduate courses at all UK universities and available apprenticeships. In addition, students can access information about courses overseas – although it is always sensible to check which overseas qualifications are recognised in which country’s legal professions. 

The website for The lawyer Portal provides very useful information on the various routes into a law career and explains the difference between the all the different areas of law in the UK.  There are also helpful hints about applying to law courses at university and on-line chat rooms.

Students are encouraged to attend legal hearings in the public gallery during their vacations and to seek shadowing experience as well as asking our dedicated work experience co-ordinator to help with finding work placements (please see Mrs Mandley for help arranging placements).