University and Careers

The application process

The application process will vary between different employers but many adopt the following path which is used by KPMG:

Stage 1: Online Application Form

A chance to detail your academic background, experiences and interests. You may also be asked to answer short questions.

Stage 2: Digital Submission

If you’re successful, you’ll be invited to a complete a digital submission. This short submission is an opportunity for you to demonstrate both your communication skills and your motivation towards a career at your chosen company.

In your digital submission, some of your behavioural capabilities will be assessed eg: ‘Makes an Impact’, ‘Career Motivation’ and ‘Demonstrates Innovation and Curiosity.’

You may have only a few days to submit, so please make sure you have time to complete this.

Stage 3: Assessment Centre

If you’re successful at digital submission stage, you may be invited you to an assessment centre in the office to which you’ve applied. This is likely to include an interview and some written exercises.

Unlike UCAS applications, each company will have their own application windows and deadlines so it useful to start researching these in the Lower Sixth so you are aware of crucial dates for the following year. Many large companies will run a rolling programme to cope with a large number of applications. Timescales for the application process may vary widely between industries and companies.