University and Careers

Sixth Form

The role of the tutor in HE and Careers guidance is at its most critical in the Sixth Form, and we are lucky to have such an experienced team and such small pastoral groups. This policy ensures a very high level of individual attention for each student.

For the Lower Sixth Student the process of HE guidance begins very gently by the observation of the Upper Sixth tutees going through the UCASGAP Year planning or Job-search process.

A highly flexible Work-Experience programme is available to all Sixth Form Students and subject-specific and career-specific Sixth Form Careers Conferences are advertised regularly.

A formal induction to Higher Education takes place within our Foundation Studies programme. Students are registered with the on-line HE platform Unifrog and introduced to the search options available on the UCAS website and are also issued with an information booklet on HE.  A University Fair is held in the  Spring Term where representatives from most of the top 25 UK universities, plus the Armed Forces, Gap year Companies and Apprentice Organisations, are available for information and advice on choosing both an HE route and specific subject options at university.   A detailed 'guide to Higher Education' booklet is sent home to parents, who are also invited to a specific HE evening in the Spring Term.  

In the Summer term, University Open Day visits are arranged. Students considering Higher Education are strongly urged to view potential institutions and the 'Endeavour' days can be used specifically for that purpose in addition to the trips arranged by the school. Subject HoDs may also arrange university visits.

Towards the end of the academic year the Lower Sixth are introduced to the central UK university applications programme, UCAS APPLY and are encouraged to research various courses or other options that appeal to them.  They also attend Personal Statement workshops to gain a better understanding of how to write the best personal statement of their own and advice is given to all members of the Lower Sixth on the whole application process.  Through the Year students are also introduced to other possible HE routes other than attending a UK university - such as studying abroad or doing a Higher or Degree level apprenticeship.

We also aim to prepare students for life after KES or university through our Educating for the Workplace programme, which includes a Careers Day in the Summer Term of Lower sixth on Practical Jobhunting and networking.   

Informal careers advice continues to be given throughout the Upper Sixth Year as students progress through the university application process and during the Summer holidays, a Post Results Clinic is available to offer advice to those candidates on receipt of their A Level results.