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Department Information

Student Guidance is an integral part of the School's responsibility to prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

The aim of the department is to support student choice and heighten awareness of the broad range of choices available to them. We wish to ensure that all students have access to appropriate information that will enable them to make intelligent, well-informed and sensible decisions about the direction that they will take when they leave this school. Our strong focus is upon preparing students for Higher Education as approximately 98% of our students leave us to continue their education at University.  However, we will also ensure that, for those students who do not wish to continue into Higher Education, an appropriate range of alternatives is thoroughly explored. 

Advice is available to all students, but students will be encouraged to make independent choices based upon objective information. Any advice provided must not be seen as prescriptive. Students are encouraged to make full use of the excellent facilities in the Guidance Centre which operates on an open access system, but is for REFERENCE ONLY. 

The Student Guidance programme is the means by which our students are supported in managing their transition at key points and in making decisions wisely. The nature of Student Guidance will inevitably alter as pupils progress through the school. Student Guidance occurs in the Lower School, the Upper School and the Sixth Form and is tailored to the needs of each age group.  Our support for our students continues beyond the Sixth Form. The resources of the Guidance Centre are available to Old Edwardians as is advice on post-A Level applications to University.

The aim of Student Guidance is to make students aware of the opportunities available and to enable them to make informed decisions.  The Student Guidance and Pastoral teams work to provide opportunities, both formally and informally, for students to become acquainted with the various resources available to them in their decision-making. Every student receives allocated individual time; we currently do this in Group Base. The role of the Tutor is vital to the effective delivery of Student Guidance. 

In keeping with the School's Pastoral policy, the first point of contact in any discussion should be the individual student's tutor. Liaison between School and parents will be, in the first instance, through this pastoral route. Students are advised to ensure that they keep their pastoral tutor abreast of any research they undertake.

Members of the Student Guidance team are available for informal consultation during lunchtimes or at other points in the school day by appointment.