University and Careers

GAP Year

A great many of our students are now taking a Gap Year after leaving school and before starting university, either applying to university after having sat their A Level examinations (Post-Qualification Application) or due to having attained a place at university through deferred entry (i.e. for the following year after their examinations).

There is a great range of ways that our students use this year, from degree-related work experience to volunteer and conservation work abroad to straightforward travelling and trekking. The list of websites below is by no means exhaustive but does give a flavour of the wide variety of schemes and opportunities available to those looking to take a Gap Year and wanting a little guidance on what to do and how to do it. In addition, all students at King Edward VI School, as well as Old Edwardians, are welcome to speak with our Gap Co-ordinator, Ms King (part of the HE & Careers team), who can also provide further support, materials, information and advice on how to make a Gap Year a productive and rewarding experience.