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Gap websites

It is important that students contemplating taking a Gap Year should look at the “KES community”, “Fit for Travel” and “Foreign and Commonwealth Office” websites before they travel.


In addition to the more general advice listed here:,below is a list of some websites that those researching their Gap Year choices might find helpful, even inspirational!

Gap Year Websites

Expeditions/ General

BSES Expeditions

British Exploring Society: Expeditions


Travel, volunteering, work placements & expeditions

GAPWORK Publishing

A general portal - work placements, volunteering, etc.


Conservation placements

Lonely Planet


Quest Overseas

A range of expeditions and placement opportunities

Raleigh International

Volunteering & travel

Real Gap Experience

A range of expeditions and placement opportunities



World Challenge


The GAP Year Website

Advice & planning for your GAP Year

STA Travel

Travel deals and advice

Volunteering / Conservation


Work and volunteer abroad


Volunteering & travel

Projects Abroad

Volunteering & travel

Project Trust

Volunteering, teaching & social work placements overseas


Christian charity work and placements

Latin Link International

Christian mission and aid work in Latin America

Action AidWorking to end violence against women and girls and help change their lives. 
Big BeyondBespoke volunteer programmes in conservation and development.

Work Overseas/ Work Experience

Camp America

Working on summer camps in America.

Changing World

Travel, volunteering, courses & paid work abroad


Teaching abroad


Work experience & internship placements

Flying Fish

Water sports & Yachting (courses/ work placements)

Ski Le Gap

Ski season placements and courses

i to i International Project

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) abroad


Sports placements/ courses

The Year in Industry

Work experience

The International Academy

Skiing courses/ work placements

Best Gap YearVariety of opportunities across the globe
Across the DivideProject work ranging from charity work in Brazil to Antarctic expeditions.
DragomanAdventure travel company specialising in Asia, South America and the Middle East.
Performance Yacht RacingOffers multiple sailing opportunities worldwide, including a 10 Month Yachtmaster Ocean course
KE AdventureSmall group tours specialising in active trips - mountain climbing, trekking and winter sports.
Oasis OverlandOvers adventure trips all over the world.